State of the Site

I contemplated for a while what to do with this website. The website has led to a great amount of success for my book. The Christmas Guide, albeit a free guide, saw over 1,200 downloads in just three months. I’ve been around the Disney online community for a long time. I start each day by reading various Disney blogs, I’m a long-time poster on DisBoards and I’m an absolute Disney fanatic. If one thing is evident, it’s that there is a desire for Disney information and a strong, unwavering market.

I had a lot of fun writing the book, which is why I released it for free. Don’t get me wrong – there were countless times I’d stare at the ceiling thinking “why am I doing this?” But I’d sip my coffee and imagine myself strolling down Main Street on Christmas Day and my motivation would return.

After I returned from my fifth Christmas vacation in six years and my PDD (post Disney Depression) subsided, I decided to check out the website and the book. A few more downloads during Christmas week, but a substantial drop in traffic. What do I do? Do I allow the website fall into oblivion until next year and hope that it gains some traction from Christmas-related searches? After all, I did buy the domain for one year.

That’s when the idea hit me. Clearly the market is saturated with Disney blogs. One simple search for “Disney Blogs” will return copious amounts of pages of pun-friendly blog names. And so, I decided to keep the website alive, but as a blog. Of course, the theme will remain “surviving Disney.” I’ll try my best to keep up with the news or direct readers to some of my favorite blogs for Disney news. Most blog posts will be survival guides, such as “Surviving FP+” or “Surviving the Disney Dining Plan.” Of course, as Christmas grows closer, I will turn my attention to Christmas-related blogs. I’ll try it out for the remainder of the year. If there’s simply nothing there or if I don’t have the time to make this blog great, I’ll let my domain license expire.

So here’s to 2015 and surviving Disney.



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