Be Our Guest to Accept Lunch Reservations Starting Feb. 25th

On Wednesday, February 25th, Disney will begin to accept lunch reservations at Be Our Guest restaurant in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest officially opened in December, 2012 to immense popularity. The restaurant has not lost any momentum and continues to be the most popular and sought-after dining experience on property.

Be Our Guest is a Quick Service location for lunch and a Table Service for dinner. Upon opening, the restaurant accepted reservations for dinner and walk-ups for lunch. Dinner reservations were nearly impossible to sIMG_0465ecure, even at the 180-day mark. The wait time for a quick service lunch rivaled some of the most popular attractions. Guests lined up hours ahead of lunch, occupying the bridge from Fantasyland. Disney tested FP+ for lunch, however, the test will end on February 24th to make way for a new reservation system.

Beginning February 25th, you may book a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest within the 180-day window. I believe the reservation window will fall under the normal 180+10 rule. The rule allows guests to book reservations up to 180 days from the beginning of their trip, plus 10 days after. For example, my family’s trip begins on December 24th. This means that on August 28th, I may book dining reservations for December 24th through January 3rd. Disney implemented this rule to make it easier to grab all of your vacation’s dining reservations in one sweep, rather than logging in every day.

If you wish to dine at Be Our Guest for lunch on February 25th, you may book your reservation that morning. Disney accepts reservations online (through My Disney Experience) beginning at 6am Eastern and by phone, starting at 7am Eastern.

Be Our Guest will still accept walk-ups for lunch, as they do for dinner, but I’m sure availability will be extremely limited.

Will you try to get a reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest?


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