Pirates of the Caribbean Closing for Major Refurbishment

WDWMagic.com – The closure will begin on May 11 and will run through to September 25, reopening to guests on September 26 2015.

Pirates of the Caribbean is experiencing a number of show and ride system issues that require a lengthy closure. Animatronic issues, show audio problems, and continuing issues with boats taking on water are all likely to be addressed.

UPDATE: Disney has reportedly pushed back the refurbishment. Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed from 6/8/2015 through 9/25/2015.

Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. The ride was down when my family visited during Christmas week. I’m a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and always loved the ride, so I was disappointed to find that the ride was down for our entire trip.

The bad: Pirates is an awesome way to get out of the heat. It’s a dark, indoor ride, and most of the queue is air conditioned, making it a nice break from the hot summer sun. The ride will be down all summer, so you can take it off your list of “ways to escape the heat.”

The good: It’ll be back up in time for Christmas, as selfish as that makes me sound. Also, be happy that Disney is being proactive. We’ve seen the ride down a lot lately. It’s better to shut the ride down and fix everything at once rather than piecemeal the repairs and leave guests guessing when the ride will be opened.


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