Foodie Friday: Dinner at Be Our Guest

Happy Foodie Friday! Today we’re heading to the ever-popular Be Our Guest in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest opened in December, 2012. It’s one of the hardest reservations to secure in all of Walt Disney World, and rightfully so. Not only is the food incredible, but the theming and decor is jaw dropping.

Today we’re enjoying dinner at Be Our Guest. The meal begins long before you even enter the restaurant. This place is heavy on the theming and it shows from afar. There’s a bridge connecting

Beast's Castle "in the distance."

Beast’s Castle “in the distance.”

the restaurant to the rest of Fantasyland. Like many buildings at Walt Disney World, the castle was built with an optical trick, making it appear off into the distance. The bridge is really impressive and features another optical trick. If you look down, the use of different-sized trees and a man-made river make the bridge feel much higher than it actually is.

After checking in, our buzzer goes off and we head to the front of the castle. Two massive wooden doors slowly open and our hostess emerges from the darkness. She welcomes you on behalf

The wooden entrance doors

The wooden entrance doors

of the Beast and explains that the Beast will be greeting his guests and taking photos once our meal is complete. She then leads us down a dark and ominous hallway to the Ballroom. The Ballroom is the largest of the three dining rooms. The room is lavish, to say the least. It features a gorgeously painted cathedral ceiling that is brought to life by sparkling chandeliers. it truly is awe-inspiring. Even the napkins fit the theme! Red napkins are tightly wound to create a rose and sit delicately at each guest’s plate.  We’re seated at the back of the restaurant by the floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s “snowing” outside. I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore, Toto.

The rose-wrapped napkin and menu

The rose-wrapped napkin

A quick look at the drink menu and I’m certain that we’re no longer in the Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest is the only spot in the park where you can grab an alcoholic beverage. The menu has wine by the glass and bottle, as well as an impressive array of beer. My eyes settle on the Kronenbourg, a lager from France. When in France, right?

The server brings over some complimentary bread with our drink order. The bread is warm and fresh and the butter is topped with a black sea salt. I start with the French Onion soup. The cheese is slightly browned at the top. Once I bust through the cheesy crust, I’m treated to gooey-melted-cheese goodness. It’s not overly cheesy, but has enough to cover the top of the bowl. Of course, everyone knows the best part of the French Onion soup is the burnt cheese on the side of the bowl. It tastes just like Cheez-Its. It kind of lacked the burnt cheese, which was a bit of a letdown, but it didn’t ruin the dish. Anyway – the cheese is good and the bead is the perfect size. The soup was average. I would like more caramelized onions in the soup – this was mostly broth. But I happily slurped it up with the complimentary bread.

For dinner I go with the shrimp and scallop puff pastry. Once you really dissected the pastry, you realized just how large it is. This thing is thick, hearty and filled with shrimp and scallops. I expected to have a few pieces of shrimp and scallops and a ton of vegetables. It’s quite the opposite. To start, you have a square puff pastry. It’s flaky and holds the filling nicely. None of the pastry is soggy from the sauce. At the center of the pastry is a hole filled with scallops, shrimp, green beans and other vegetables in a brown wine sauce. At the side of the pastry is a lonely shrimp and scallop for presentation. It’s a bit salty. I know, Disney food is typically salty, but this dish is noticeably salty. It didn’t ruin the entree, but I definitely felt my cholesterol soaring.

The shrimp and scallop puff pastry.

The shrimp and scallop puff pastry.

I enjoyed the dinner, but was pretty full after. I left some pastry on my plate, after all, I want to save room for dessert! The waitress comes by to collect our plates and tells us about the dessert. She told us to look over the menu and said that she would be over soon with a cart full of the desserts. She brings over the cart and everything looks fantastic. My sister and I go with the gray stuff. How could we not? I really enjoyed the gray stuff. The presentation was gorgeous. The gray stuff, by itself, is a light-whipped topping. From reading recipes, it gets its gray pigment from crushed Oreos and other coloring. The gray stuff was light and fluffy – I expected more of an icing, but was happy it was not. It was served atop a hard brownie. At first bite, I thought the brownie was stale. Then, I realized the crunch was intended. It had a hard cookie outside and a soft inside. It tasted like a double-chocolate-chip cookie. Alone, it would not be very tasty; but topped with the gray stuff, it certainly was delicious.

The Gray Stuff - It's Delicious!

The Gray Stuff – It’s Delicious!

The restaurant definitely met expectations. Wow, this place is impressive. From the design to the theming, you really do forget that you’re still in the park. The food was decent. Like I said – I think my cholesterol shot up a few points due to the saltiness, but I would definitely return. You got a lot for your money – the pastry was PACKED with shrimp and scallops. The dessert was fun and delicious. I had the gray stuff, but would probably opt for a different dessert next year.  If you go there for one reason, go to see the inside!


The cathedral ceiling in the Ballroom

Another view of the hand-painted cathedral ceiling.

Another view of the hand-painted cathedral ceiling.


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