World News: Monday, 3/23/15


Are You Smarter Than a 6-Year Old?

At the Disney annual shareholder meeting, held Thursday in San Francisco, a young child in the audience asked Iger if the company would change the name of its Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando. Iger confirmed that Disney would. “Have we announced that?” Iger said to other executives on hand, according to a report in the Orlando Business Journal.

Jungle Cruise Restaurant

There’s been rumors flying around lately that Disney will look to add a restaurant to Adventureland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. A new restaurant would be a welcome addition to the park. DisneyFoodBlog dug deeper into the rumored restaurant – which would be based off the Jungle Cruise.

March Magic

Disney has asked followers to show their #DisneySide by voting for their favorite Disney attraction at either Disneyland resort in California or Disney World in Florida. Daily attraction match-ups are posted on the respective park Facebook and Instagram pages. The final match-up will take place on April 6.


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