Foodie Friday: Disney’s Boardwalk Bakery

Happy Friday! It’s a dark, dreary and rainy day here in New York City. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a drop in temperature and a chance of snow. So much for spring weather, right? The weather has me reminiscing about my most recent trip to Walt Disney World. We’ve been lucky the past two years. Our first year, in 2009, we experienced unseasonably cold weather in Disney. But two years ago we saw temperatures in the 70s and our most recent trip was in the 80s most days!

There’s nothing better than a nice sunny day in Walt Disney World, especially in December. The weather is a large part of the reason that we love heading down to Disney for Christmas. There’s something extra special about being outdoors while our friends and family are back home cooped up inside.

As a family, we have our favorite restaurants. One in particular is the Boardwalk Bakery. The bakery has recently undergone renovations, tripling in size. With the expansion came a larger, broader menu with tons of great selections! The menu offers fresh, delicious options, which is a nice change of pace from the fried food and burgers and fries found at most quick-service restaurants. While the restaurant lacks an indoor seating area, it does have some tables set up outside. It could be hard to find a table, especially on a nice day; but if you can, you’re guaranteed a relaxing lunch with a gorgeous view.

During our last trip we walked over to Boardwalk Bakery after spending the morning at EPCOT. The boardwalk is within walking distance of the International Gateway, found between the France and the UK pavilion in the World Showcase. It’s a bit farther away from Hollywood Studios – around a 20 minute walk – but on a nice day, it’s a pleasant break from the parks.

When you first walk in, you’re immediately greeted by four massive glass display cases. Having quite the sweet tooth, I usually gaze at the desserts as I prepare to order. I debate the different desserts as I try and decide what I’m in the mood for. Finally, a Cast Member looks my way and I realize that I hadn’t even put any thought into the lunch itself. I differ to my family as I read the menu.

Just some of the delicious desserts!

Just some of the delicious desserts!

The menu features about six different sandwiches and three salads. The sandwiches are pre-made, but fresh, and sit inside one of the glass cases. The selections include a lobster roll, roast beef, fresh mozzarella and tomato, oak grilled salmon, herb pork loin, and smoked turkey. My sister usually opts for the fresh mozzarella and tomato and asks for it to be heated in the oven. On my first visit to the newly renovated Boardwalk Bakery, I went with the Lobster Roll. This sandwich is a lot better than what you’d expect at Disney. I’ve read reviews about the lobster roll at Magic Kingdom’s Columbia Harbour House. Many guests complain that there’s “too much filler” or “too much mayo.” I wouldn’t call myself an expert on lobster rolls, but this one is made “just right.” The split-top white-bread hot dog bun is lightly toasted with butter. It’s packed with quality chunks of lobster and lightly coated in a chive mayo. It’s slightly sweet, creamy and has some crunch from the lettuce. It’s also massive. You get a lot of lobster for $15.99. If you’re on the meal plan, you’ve already met the value of a quick service point without  even ordering the drink, dessert and chips or side salad!


Delicious Lobster Roll

This year, I figured I’d switch it up. I chose to go with the smoked turkey sandwich. This sandwich, like the lobster roll (and every other sandwich on the menu) is massive. It features fresh smoked turkey, ripe tomatoes and lettuce on two thick slices of white bread. It sounds so simple, yet it tastes so good!

While the sandwiches are great, the real reason to go to the bakery is the desserts. The cases are filled with different cupcakes – an Oreo-inspired cupcake, a mocha cupcake, and a peanut butter chocolate cupcake to name a few; but what makes the bakery truly unique are the pastries and cakes that you can’t find anywhere else! My sister’s favorite is the brownie cheesecake – a rich, decadent chocolate brownie topped with creamy, tart cheesecake. They also have a peanut butter bar cake, macaroons, and my personal favorite: the peanut butter, banana and candied bacon pie.

At first glance, it’s a brownie topped with a chocolate ganache, but it’s actually  so much more. The chocolate base has a pie-crust consistency. It’s filled with a peanut butter cheesecake-like filling andFullSizeRender (3) topped with chocolate ganache. Atop the ganache is candied bacon and a large yellow dome filled with banana creme. Every bite is filled with different dimensions of taste. First you get the crunchiness of the pie crust, then the sweet and airy peanut butter cheesecake filling. The peanut butter combines with the chocolate ganache for a new twist on your favorite chocolate and peanut butter pairing. Then, the bacon adds a slight saltiness and the taste of banana creme finishes the bite. DisneyFoodBlog features a recipe and some awesome photos of the dessert.

Overall, the Boardwalk Bakery is a great option for a quick service lunch. It offers something for everyone – including hard-to-find vegetarian options. You get a ton of food for your money and it’s a great value on the Disney Dining Plan. On a nice day, nothing beats sitting outside along the water. While the lack of indoor seating may pose a problem during a hot summer day, the bakery does serve all sandwiches and desserts in boxes, making it easy to bring back to your room. Go for lunch, or end your day with a dessert!

One of my favorite views at Walt Disney World - outside the Boardwalk Bakery

One of my favorite views at Walt Disney World – outside the Boardwalk Bakery


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