World News: 4/7/2015


First Look at The Boathouse Menu

Disney Food Blog posted the menu for The Boathouse at Disney Springs. Like most Signature restaurants, The Boathouse menu includes plenty of steaks, chops and seafood. After scanning the menu, I’m already a big fan of the Raw Bar and the Beach & Sea Lobster Bake. I can definitely see myself putting down a few oysters with a martini or two, or splitting the lobster bake with my sister over a few beers.

As expected, dining at The Boathouse will be pricey. A few items stick out – such as $21 for Grilled Asparagus or Roasted Wild Mushrooms. AJ from DFB has speculated that the menu options may change and that many of the prices may be placeholders. I’d have to agree. The prices are listed for many of the Raw Bar options, but I’d expect those to be set at market value. And, while I’ve dined at some pretty expensive restaurants, I’ve never paid $21 for asparagus! If the prices stick, I’d assume that side dishes like the mushrooms and asparagus will be served family style. That would bring the cost down to $7 per person for a 3-person party and $5.25 per person for a 4-person party – which makes much more sense.

Star Wars Weekend

Disney has released details for the ever-popular Star Wars weekend. Details can be found at WDW Magic.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie…

Selfie Sticks are becoming more and more popular among tourists. The Selfie Stick is a telescoping pole with a phone mount on one end. It allows users to take a photo of themselves or a group, with the camera positioned a few feet away. Disney is advising Cast Members to ask guests not to use Selfie Sticks (or the GoPro GoPole) on attractions or any moving vehicle, but they are welcome in other areas of the park at this time.

Easter Weekend at Disney

I hope everyone had a great Easter! If you could’t make it to Disney for Easter, here’s a video of the Easter Parade at Magic Kingdom, courtesy of Inside the Magic.


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