Foodie Friday: The Main Street Confectionary

Happy Friday! The weather in New York has been damp and cold all week, but we’re expecting a beautiful weekend, so I’ll be heading to Brooklyn to grab a bite to eat with friends! But for now, we’re heading to one of my favorite spots in Walt Disney World: The Main Street Confectionary!

I have a huge sweet tooth, so I love stopping by the Main Street Confectionary. Found in Town Square at the beginning of Main Street, the Confectionary is your one-stop shop for all things sweet. In the bakery area, you’ll find cases full of cookies, brownies, Krispie treats, fudge and the famous Mickey-shaped candy apples. There’s also a bagged candy section where guests can find their favorite Goofy Candy Co. candy or fill a bag of their own! The highlight of this old fashioned candy shop, however, is the open kitchen. Gather around the glass enclosure and watch as Disney Cast Members freshly prepare Krispie treats and candy apples. The candy apple designs change depending on the season. During the Christmas season, the apple designs may feature Mickey in a Santa suit; during Halloween, the apples are made to look like pumpkins or Jack Skellington!

Candy Apples decorated for Christmas!

Candy Apples decorated for Christmas!

I love the Krispie treats and no trip is complete without one! While you can get these Krispie treats almost anywhere on property, they feel extra special at The Confectionary. There’s something cool about watching the Cast Members actually prepare the treat. I love the regular Krispie treat, but you can get them dipped in chocolate and covered with M&Ms, peanuts, or other toppings. The Krispie treats have the perfect marshmallow-to-crisped-rice ratio. You get the crunch of the crisped rice complemented by the fluffy and pillowy marshmallow we’ve all grown to love. It’s light and airy and has a really fresh taste to it, unlike the mass-produced store-bought ones. While I also enjoy the chocolate-dipped treats, I draw the line on toppings – it gets too dense and sweet!

I’ve never had a candy apple from The Confectionary, but they certainly look impressive. While they’re a bit pricey at around $10, these things are gigantic and definitely warrant the price tag.

On our last trip, my family stopped by The Confectionary on our way out of Magic Kingdom and each selected a treat to bring back to the room with us. I chose the peanut butter cookie and it became an instant favorite of mine. First off, the cookie is large, and at around $5, it better be! At first glance, it’s your normal run-of-the-mill peanut butter cookie. Once you break into it, however, it’s so much more. The cookie contains bits of peanut butter – the type of peanut butter you’d find in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! My sister went with the chocolate chip cookie, which contained huge pieces of chocolate. It looked like they literally crumbled up a chocolate bar and added it to the cookie dough! The cookies were firm on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside – the perfect texture!

The bakery case. Feeling hungry?

The bakery case. Feeling hungry?

With most items priced around $4 or more, the Main Street Confectionary is a great use of a snack credit and a great spot to use up some leftover snack credits before heading home. Many of the gifts are packaged and wrapped beautifully, making for a great souvenir! I always grab a big bag of Chip and Dale pretzels before heading home!

What’s your favorite item at the Main Street Confectionary?


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