Foodie Friday: The Croissant Donut

In this addition of Foodie Friday, we’re stopping by EPCOT for a quick, but delicious snack! The Croissant Donut, better known as the “Cronut” is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by Chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by his Bakery in New York City. The cronut has sparked an increase in popularity of the “Frankenfood,” with everyone looking to discover the next craze. And while many have jumped aboard the Cronut bandwagon, little have succeeded in mastering the tasty treat (I’m looking at you, Dunkin’ Donuts.)

You can find the Croissant Donut at the Refreshment Port in EPCOT. It’s easy to miss, making it a bit of a hidden gem. After all, it’s not “technically” part of the World Showcase, and can often be overshadowed by the offerings found at each Pavilion. When you think of snacks at EPCOT, you immediately think of School Bread in Norway, nachos in Mexico, pretzels in Germany and pastries in France. In fact, many may not even know that Disney has a Croissant Donut. Well, now you do, and it’s glorious.

You can find the Croissant Donut at the Refreshment Port. You’ve probably passed by it a few times and never even noticed it. In your defense, it’s easy to miss – it’s tucked away in a small walk-up counter right before the Canada Pavilion. Many dismiss it as “just another spot to grab a soda,” but it’s so much more. During the holiday season, the Refreshment Port features savory waffle sandwiches, as well as a variety of flavored Hot Chocolate. The Croissant Donut is available year-round, however.

We were excited to try the new novelty item. People would wait over three hours to try Dominique Ansel’s Cronut when it debuted in 2013. We were not one of those people, but jumped at the chance of trying the Disney version.

Upon walking up to the Refreshment Port, you catch a whiff of fried food. This is certainly not the spot to go if you’re on a diet (do diets exist in Disney?) Then, you smell the cinnamon – not the fabricated scent like the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in Magic Kingdom – this is a very subtle, fresh cinnamon smell. It almost smells like a fresh Snickerdoodle cookie.

We order two Croissant Donuts and decide to split it between the four of us. The donuts are served on a small white disposable dish. It’s a coated dish, so the grease doesn’t seep through. The donut is light – lighter than expected. When you think of a donut, you expect it to have some weight to it. The weight and consistency definitely favors a croissant. I tear the pastry in half to share with my dad and see its true beauty. It’s so light and flaky that it crumbles a bit and some of the layers come apart. It almost reminds me of a denser baklava dough.

Croissant Donut

It’s love at first bite. It’s crunchy on the outside, but incredibly soft on the inside. First you taste the sweet cinnamon sugar coating, and then you get the buttery, rich taste of the croissant. The buttery inside and cinnamon-sugar coating complement each other, giving you the perfect combination of slightly salty and sweet. The cinnamon sugar is the only sweet component – without it, it would simply be a fried croissant shaped like a donut. The best taste comparison I could draw is a very, very light churro.

Croissant Donut a la Mode.

Croissant Donut a la Mode.

At $4.49, the Croissant Donut is a good use of a snack credit. The treat is also offered a la mode for $5.79, but not offered as a snack credit. Be sure not to pass up the Refreshment Port on your next trip! The Croissant Donut makes a wonderful breakfast treat and is perfect to enjoy during Illuminations!



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