Foodie Friday: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Hello and happy Friday! It’s time for another installment of Foodie Friday! Today, let’s take a walk down Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. As you walk down Main Street, something catches your attention – the smell of fresh (and sometimes artificial) waffle cones. It starts midway down Main Street – you catch a subtle hint of cinnamon. As you draw closer, the smell becomes more and more prevalent. Many times, I’ve found myself in the Pavilion Ice Cream Parlor, unsure of how I even got there. My nose simply leads the way.

I love ice cream, it’s my favorite dessert. I also love cookies. Nothing beats a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (except ice cream.) I’ve always been a fan of ice cream sandwiches. Growing up, I have fond memories of going to the local deli and getting a Chipwich. So when I discovered that Disney served homemade ice cream sandwiches, I had to give one a try!

The ice cream sandwich I tried was at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, but according to AJ at Disney Food Blog, you can get them at a few different locations throughout Walt Disney World. A few things caught my eye when I first entered the ice cream parlor. For starters, it has a very old time feel to it, which plays into the “small town” theming of Main Street. The menu features a ton of tasty options, including sundaes and fresh waffle cones and bowls. I was almost swayed by the All-American Sundae, but I’ll have to get one next trip! The biggest letdown was that the ice cream wasn’t homemade, it’s Edy’s brand. Don’t get me wrong, Edy’s is delicious, but I was expecting fresh homemade ice cream.

The line was long, but after waiting a while, a Cast Member smiled and waved me up. I contemplated the different flavors and eventually settled on the mint chocolate chip. First impression: this thing is huge. The ice cream sandwich could easily be split between two people, but I decided to keep it to myself!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

It consists of two or three scoops of ice cream sandwiched between two large, fresh chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are warm, but not too hot. They are slightly crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. This is not a handheld dessert – it’s served on a plate for a reason! After ordering, be sure to grab a seat and a spoon (or two!)

There’s a few different methods to tackling this gargantuan treat. My method? I actually take the top cookie off and break it into pieces. I use a spoon to scoop ice cream onto each piece of cookie – like eating chips and dip! By the time I finish the top cookie, some of the ice cream has melted and been absorbed into the bottom cookie. It literally tastes like I dipped my cookie into a giant mint chocolate chip shake!

The ice cream sandwich costs $5.29 and counts as a snack, making it a great value on the Disney Dining Plan!


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