Foodie Friday: Battered Burger at Cookes of Dublin

Last week we visited Wolfgang Puck Express for the “best counter service on property.” Today, we head to one of the most underrated restaurants on Disney property. Among the hustle and bustle of the construction, and amid the hype of new restaurants and stores at Disney Springs, stands a lesser known counter service restaurant that deserves more recognition.

It’s easy to miss Cookes of Dublin, which serves as the counter service sister restaurant to Raglan Road. Cookes of Dublin features a delicious array of Irish grub, dating back to the 1930s: battered fish, chicken and sausages with hand-cut chips and savory pies. When we initially discovered Cookes of Dublin, I was jonesing for a burger. I scanned the menu – which featured a cheeseburger topped with tomato chutney, Dubliner cheese, garlic mayonnaise and mixed greens. I was about to place my order when another burger caught my eye: the Battered Burger. The Battered Burger was a hand battered burger, deep fried and topped with garlic mayonnaise, tomato chutney and mixed greens. It’s a burger… a deep… fried… burger.

I excitedly placed the order and was handed a number to put on my table, much like Wolfgang Puck Express. Also similar to Wolfgang Puck Express is the ticket time (the time between ordering and receiving your order.) It’s not exactly a “quick service” – you don’t get your food right after ordering. Everything is made to order, so you do wait a little while. Unlike Wolfgang Puck Express, there’s not much indoor seating, but plenty of tables outside. On a nice day, this shouldn’t be a problem; but if it’s raining, the weather can certainly ruin your experience.

Our food arrives and the burger is massive. At first glance, it looks like a fried fish or fried chicken sandwich. It’s not until your first bite or until you cut the burger in half (which may be necessary for a burger this large,) that you realize it’s a burger patty!

Let’s start with the bun, which can make or break a sandwich. The bun is darker in color. It’s light, fluffy and fresh, which complements the crunchiness of the burger patty. The burger patty is perfectly fried. Inside, the burger is juicy and meaty. The burger is topped with a garlic mayo and a tomato chutney. The garlic mayo is creamy, and the tomato chutney adds a bit of acidity and sweetness.


The Battered Burger is hearty and filling. While it is fried, it’s not too greasy and won’t leave you with an upset stomach. In fact, it has a very fresh taste to it, and the crispy exterior of the burger patty adds a surprisingly successful dynamic. If you want something slightly less filling, go with the regular cheeseburger – neither will disappoint.

Cookes of Dublin accepts the Disney Dining Plan and costs one Counter Service credit. Some dessert menu items are not including in the Counter Service meal.


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