Disney Extends Christmas Week Park Hours – More to Come?

We were starting to get a bit worried. With December rapidly approaching, Disney was yet to extend the park hours during the week of Christmas – or any of December, for that matter. In past years, the parks would open at 8am to the public, with a 7am-8am EMH for resort guests. Up until yesterday, most parks were listed as opening at 9am and closing by 1am, with few mentions of Extra Magic Hours.

Late last night I logged into MDE, just to check. I was glad to see that the hours had finally been extended. I’ve posted the hours below. It seems like the hours are pretty consistent with past years.

I do think Disney will add late-night EMHs for Magic Kingdom on either Saturday, December 26th or Sunday, December 27th. I’d bank on Sunday, December 27th. I also think Disney will extend the hours at Disney Springs. It should open around 8am or 9am, and may close at 1am some nights. At the very least, I could see the stores closing at 12am and the new restaurants staying open until 1am or 2am.

The big holidays, like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve will stay the same. In addition to the EMH, they may add a few normal hours of operation here and there, but it seems like this may be the final results. Do keep in mind that Disney can extend the hours up to the day-of and never (that I’ve seen) decrease the hours of operation.

Hours - Disney 2015


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