12 Must-Do’s of Christmas: #10 Enjoy the Weather

12 must dos 10

Enjoy the Weather

There’s always a chance that Orlando will see some cold temperatures. In 2009 we packed light. We assumed a Christmas vacation in Florida would mean palm trees, sunshine and warm weather. We were wrong (about the sunshine and warm weather part.) We arrived in Orlando and it was 70 degrees and sunny. After checking in and settling in our room, the sun went down and it was cloudy and cold the remainer of our trip. We weren’t prepared for the cold temperatures. It would barely hit 55 degrees during the day and would plummet into the 30s at night.

In 2010 it was a little warmer. We skipped in 2011 and when we returned in 2012, it was gorgeous. We had weather in the 70s in 2013 and it hit the mid 80s most days during 2014. I can only hope we get the same this year.
Everyone’s tolerance for the outside temperatures is different. Chances are, however, unless you’re from the south, you’ll most likely experience milder temperatures than you’re used to in December. Enjoy it by hanging out at the pool or enjoying a meal outside. I wear shorts and enjoy the nice weather as much as possible, knowing that January and February will be bitterly cold in New York.


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