12 Must-Do’s of Christmas: #8 Take it Slow

12 Must Dos 8

Take it Slow

After reading my guide and blog, it’s easy to try and plan the most efficient vacation possible – packing in all your must-dos. We used to rush around, trying to experience as many attractions as possible. While we still try and squeeze in as many rides and shows as possible, we always take time to stop and smell the roses., rather, the popcorn, candied nuts and smell of pine.
Take a slow stroll down Main Street. Stop and admire the castle during the day and again at night. Take a family photo in front of the castle, then in front of the tree in Town Square. Walk through the pavilions in EPCOT, don’t just stop at the booths on the outskirts. Many of the pavilions are fantastically themed and feature some gorgeous decorations. Enjoy the storytellers at each pavilion, who tell of the respective country’s holiday traditions. Animal Kingdom is often believed to be a “half-day” park, but it’s one of the most intricately decorated and themed parks in all of Walt Disney World. I always find something new at Animal Kingdom, whether it be a hidden Mickey or an extra detail or two. While Hollywood Studios is a shell of itself right now, take time to explore the park and enjoy it. Spend an hour or more at the Osborne Lights. If you ride Tower of Terror, don’t sweat the line or rush through the FP+ queue, admire the theming and decor. It really is incredible, especially at night! After the parks, head to the Deluxe Resorts and check out the decorations. It won’t hurt to take some time away from the parks and the decorations are some of the best I’ve ever seen!

It’s easy to rush attraction to attraction, filling your day with as many rides and shows as possible. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after checking everything off your “to-do” list; but you’ll find yourself looking at other people’s photos or reading blogs wondering “where was that?” Take some time to slow down and enjoy the decorations and the fact that you’re in Disney!


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