12 Must-Do’s of Christmas: #6 A Frozen Holiday Wish

12 Must Dos 7

A Frozen Holiday Wish

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen it. I have nothing against Frozen – and trust me, among the Disney World fans, you either love it or hate it. As I’ve mentioned before, my family usually “bookends” our days at the parks. We go early in the morning, leave around 2 or 3pm, eat dinner, then return later that night. By the time we return to Magic Kingdom, the castle is already glowing with its icicle lights.

Disney introduced the Frozen Holiday Wish last year, riding the wave of the movie’s surprising success. Right around dusk, Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff appear to “freeze” the castle.

A quick editor’s note – I remember last year a little girl looked up at her mother and said “look, there’s Elsa’s castle!” I must be getting old, because for the first time I “felt bad for the younger generation” that never knew the castle as Cinderella’s Castle. Anna does resist freezing the castle at first, as it’s not her castle and we all know what happens when she uses her powers. But she soon caves and sets the castle aglow in shiny white icicle lights.

The castle is gorgeous all lit in clear, white lights. I guess it’s nice that Disney gave the lights a story and another reason to line up in front of the castle hours ahead of time. I knew the castle lights before they had a rhyme or reason – back when they were just decorations you gawked at. For young families or Frozen fans, it’s a must-see and a nice little way to acknowledge that the sun has set on another day at Magic Kingdom.



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