12 Must-Do’s of Christmas: #3 Holiday Wishes

12 Must Dos 3

Holiday Wishes!

There’s a moment in life that one realizes they’ve chosen the right profession. For me, that day is today. There’s a reason why I never pursued a career in math, finance or accounting – I simply can’t count. I planned this awesome countdown that would culminate on Christmas Day, only to realize I started a day early. Regardless, we continue with our countdown to Christmas (Eve) with the 12 must-do’s of Christmas.

Holiday Wishes are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. The holiday edition of the show features jaw-dropping fireworks synchronized to your favorite Christmas music. My favorite part is the “wind up” before playing “Toyland”. They show the gears on the castle and then fireworks in the shape of presents and toys fill the air.

There’s actually a castle show before the fireworks. I believe this takes place year-round, but it’s a nice little introduction to the famous show. The graphics are projected onto the castle, making it an amazing technological advancement in and of itself. Only at Disney.

It’s best to watch Holiday Wishes from Main Street. I’ve also seen it from behind the castle and atop The Contemporary Hotel at the California Grill; but nothing beats watching it from straight away. The area is in high demand, so I recommend finding a spot an hour or more beforehand. Many people will catch the last parade then hold their spot for Wishes. If you’re able to secure a spot on Main Street, stick around for a surprise once the show is over. I won’t ruin the surprise, but you’re in for a nice treat!


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