12 Must-Do’s of Christmas: #1 Enjoy Disney & Your Family

12 Must Dos 1

We’ve come to the end of our list. I’m hitting “post” right before leaving home for the airport.

Today my family travels to Walt Disney World for our sixth Christmas in seven years. We’ll arrive in Orlando by 10:30am and hope aboard the Magical Express to the Port Orleans French Quarters. After a quick lunch, we’ll take it easy – maybe relax by the pool and enjoy the gorgeous weather before heading to Trattoria Al Forno for dinner. I can’t wait to get to the parks tomorrow! If you see me, say hi! I’d love to chat with readers and hear if my tips have helped at all!

Anyway – after 12 days of must-do’s, we arrive at number 1. It’s not a ride or show or any sort of attraction, it’s a recommendation. The number 1 must-do at Disney is enjoy your vacation and time with your family.

It happens every year – I pray for December to go faster and faster. I can’t wait for my vacation. Then we arrive at Disney. We see and do everything we want, you couldn’t ask for a better Disney trip! But – suddenly it’s December 31st and we’re wondering where the time went. It happens every year. We regret taking naps during the day or not hanging outside more, when in reality, we’ve seen and done everything we wanted.

Whenever people see or hear about the crowds, they ask “why?” Why would my family put ourselves through the stress of planning the trip just to go and battle the crowds? The answer is simple. For one, it’s the happiest place on earth on the happiest day of the year. But the real winner for us is the day after Christmas and the day after that. Think about your normal Christmas Day. You open presents, enjoy each other’s company and then what? On December 26th everyone returns to their normal lives. In Disney, we wake up and do it all over again. Disney stays in the holiday spirit through early January. The decorations stay up and they continue to play holiday music. Rather than Christmas lasting one day for my family, it lasts nine!

That’s probably the number one reason that keeps us coming back. We’re always on the move, whether we’re working or traveling, so it’s nice to be together and not have to worry. Plus, gone are the days of scrambling to make plans for New Year’s Eve. We know what we’re doing every year – one year in advance!
So that’s my number one must-do: enjoy your family and your vacation. It goes by way too fast! Merry Christmas, everyone!


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