Foodie Friday: Be Our Guest Breakfast

When Disney first extended the Be Our Guest breakfast, I jumped on My Disney Experience and was elated when I found a breakfast reservation for Christmas morning. We usually arrive at the park early and have little time for breakfast. We used to grab a cinnamon roll at Main Street Bakery, but unfortunately, those days are done. About a month later, I was starting to put everything together for our trip. I was pulling all of our reservation numbers when I felt a pit in my stomach. I couldn’t remember getting a confirmation email for my reservation. I checked my email and found nothing. I checked MyDisneyExperience and there was no sign of a reservation. I quickly logged on and checked the ADRs – nothing was available. Amid the excitement of securing the coveted reservation, I had forgotten something along the way and failed to secure it.

We played around with our itinerary while I continued to search for a reservation. Finally, I got one. It was later in the morning but we’d be eating breakfast at Be Our Guest. The excitement quickly turned to fear as I read countless accounts of the breakfast not living up to its hype. I discounted the poor reviews, however, as they could often be subjective.

After arriving for our morning EMH and enjoying the park on Christmas morning, we ventured over to Be Our Guest for our Christmas breakfast. Similar to a dinnertime reservation, we checked in at the outside podium and were directed to wait outside Beast’s Castle until our name was called.

After being welcomed into the castle, we proceeded to order. My dad was skeptical of the menu. He loves breakfast, but prefers normal breakfast items. He’s more of a regular eggs and toast kind of guy – no frills. My mom went with the Eggs Florentine. My sister and I both went with the Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich and my dad ordered the vegetable quiche. We didn’t receive a rose, so I wondered how the food eventually found us. I’d assume it was the MagicBand.

My mom really enjoyed the Eggs Florentine. My dad was surprised. He really enjoyed the breakfast and said it surpassed his expectations. He was timid to try Be Our Guest and worried after reading the menu, but he said that he’d definitely return.

My sister and I can’t say enough good things about the open-faced sandwich. It features a poached egg, smoked bacon and brie cheese served over a baguette. It was big – much bigger than I expected. The baguette had a firm crust, but the bread portion was soft and absorbed much of the egg’s yolk. It was very easy to cut with a plastic knife. The egg was perfectly poached. I had heard a lot of complaints over the temperature of the food. I agree – it was not hot, in fact, the sandwich was lukewarm. But – I think allowing the sandwich to sit for a little while allowed the yolk to firm up a little bit. Rather than crushing the yolk and having a mess, the yolk was thick and broke beautifully over the sandwich. The bacon had a very smokey flavor to it, which was toned down by the rich, creamy and salty brie cheese. The cheese truly made the dish!

Because we were there at 9:50am, the restaurant had cleared out and the staff started to transition to lunch by the time we finished our meal. They stocked the beverage station with 16-oz. cups, which we filled up with water before leaving. It was a welcome surprise on such an unseasonably hot day! I know many people swear by Rope Drop reservations, but we found that a later breakfast led to a much less crowded restaurant and definitely enjoyed the larger drinks. It was so easy to find a table!

If you’re lucky enough to secure a breakfast reservation, I’d recommend booking a later reservation to avoid the crowds. Order a juice or bottled beverage. I witnessed many families order a juice and then head to the beverage station for a hot coffee or soft drink. The Cast Members didn’t seem to care. And – if you’re there when they transition to lunch, fill up a cup of cold water. It came in handy as we walked the park and battled the sun.

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