Disney Trip Report: December 27th

We had a 10am breakfast reservation at Cape May, so we left around 8:30am. We took the bus over to Hollywood Studios and then hopped on the boat to Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club. It was cloudy most of the morning. We enjoyed an awesome breakfast at Cape May – review coming soon, then walked the grounds of the Yacht & Beach Club. We always dreamt about staying at a Deluxe Resort. We walked the grounds a bit after our Beaches and Cream reservation and explored the lobbies and decorations after our breakfast. We were pretty much sold on the resort and decided to save up and splurge on a room next year!

After grabbing some photos and enjoying the decorations, we grabbed a bus to Animal Kingdom. The sun started to come out just as we arrived at Animal Kingdom. It was going to be a beautiful, bright sunny day. It was also set to be very, very hot. Animal Kingdom hot! It was around 87 on this day, but it felt like 90-95 in the sun!

For those that are unfamiliar with “Animal Kingdom hot,” it’s said that Animal Kingdom always feels a bit hotter than the rest of the parks. It’s said that it’s hotter due to the damp foliage, which makes it feel much more humid.

We walked back to the Kilimanjaro Safari, as we had a 12:50pm FP+ for the ride. This is one of my favorite non-thrill rides at Disney. It’s so much fun and it’s extremely relaxing – a great way to get off your feet! After Kilimanjaro Safari, we walked toward the new Harambe Market and checked out Zuri’s Sweet Shop. I bought the solid dark chocolate Mickey Head, infused with chili peppers. It definitely had a subtle, unexpected spice to it! It didn’t have you running to the water fountain, but there was certainly a spicy aftertaste. My sister went with this big chocolate chip cookie. It was awesome – but the “magic” was kind of ruined when we found it at other sweet shops.

After our sweet fix, we walked toward Harambe Market. This area is so cool and beautifully themed. While we didn’t eat anything there, we did explore. There’s so many colors and you truly feel like you stepped foot inside an African marketplace.

A little while after, my dad had enough. It was too hot and he couldn’t bear the heat much longer. He and my mom decided to go back to the hotel, while my sister and I pushed on. We had a FP+ for DINOSAUR, but we decided to wait for a photo with Goofy and we wound up missing our window. Oh well – we’ve been on it so many times already!

We finished the day by redeeming our FP+ for Expedition Everest. After Expedition Everest, we grabbed a bus back to the hotel. I took a quick nap and we all took showers before heading to Magic Kingdom for the evening. We hopped on the monorail to The Contemporary and enjoyed dinner at the Contempo Cafe. This is such an underrated quick service. It’s not the best, by any stretch, but it gets the job done! After dinner, we went to Magic Kingdom for a night of rides, Wishes and the last parade of the night.
It was around Sunday that my sister and i started to realize how fast the trip was going. Sure, we had 5 days left, but we never go to the parks on December 31st (until nighttime) and January 1st is used to relax. We started to worry about how much we’ve done so far. However, now that I’m typing all this out, I realize just how much we did do. In just three short days, we had already seen Fantasmic, Wishes and the Main Street Electrical Parade; we tackled every big ride at each of the parks; we saw the Osborne Lights; we ate around the world and enjoyed most of our favorite meals and snacks. That’s pretty impressive!

Some more photos from the day…



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