Disney Trip Report: December 28th

We all woke up a little later on Monday. It was really, really hot. We enjoyed a quick breakfast together at the Sassagoula Floatworks food court around 9am. My parents decided to hang back and get some laundry done while my sister and I went to Hollywood Studios.

We had a 10:25am-11:25am FP+ window for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We got out to the bus stop around 10:30-10:45am. We figured we’d get to the park by 11am-11:15 for our FP+. Buses came for EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, but nothing for Hollywood Studios. After a few buses came for the other parks, I finally looked down at my phone. 11:15am?!? What?!?

We had been waiting around 30-40 minutes for a bus. A Cast Member was working the bus stop. When we asked about the next Hollywood Studios bus, she said it should be any minute. Tick. Tock… Nothing. At 11:20am I tried to find another FP+ window.

Granted, we had another FP+ for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at 2:20pm. As I previously mentioned, my parents don’t go on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Rather than waste their FP+, we book them for a later time (in case we run into a problem like this… or wanna ride again) and switch bands. I was also able to eventually snag a 3:30pm FP+ for it shortly after this.

I opened the My Disney Experience app and hopped on a 10:45am-11:45am window. It was the only time they had and I figured another 15 minutes would help. A bus had to come soon. I was confused when I opened my itinerary and the FP+ was gone. The stress boiled over at this point. I had switched the window to 10:45PM, not AM. I was ready to return to the room and head to the pool for the day when my sister calmed me down. “We’ll get a cupcake at Starring Rolls… or a beer and sit and people watch.” She knows the way to my heart.

I’m glad we didn’t squash the morning (now afternoon,) because it actually wound up being a fun time at the park. We arrived just in time for my 11:35am-12:35pm Tower of Terror FP+. It was hot, as I mentioned earlier. I had enough coffee at breakfast, but I wanted something cold. As we were walking from Tower of Terror, I saw a sign for the “Candy Cane Kah-lada” at Anaheim Produce. I was intrigued. I love peppermint and love coladas (it’s my girly drink go-to) but I couldn’t imagine the two flavors together. I decided to try it. It was awesome. The peppermint flavor was subtle and somehow worked with the pineapple. I’m afraid to make this comparison, but it was almost like a fruity spiked egg nog. That sounds terrible and doesn’t do it justice – but if they have it again next year, I totally recommend trying it!


We walked around as we enjoyed our drinks. I spotted the comedy show, so we decided to go in and cool off. We didn’t expect it to be as good as it actually was! It was funny, even by Disney PG-rated standards. Like any good Disney movie, it had a few subtle “adults will understand this and kids won’t know the difference”-esque jokes.

Shortly after the comedy show, my parents met up with us. We had a 1:20pm FP+ for Star Tours. Star Tours is a family favorite. It’s my mom’s version of a thrill ride. After Star Tours, we went to the Muppets, then walked around the Streets of America. It was cool to see the Osborne Lights during the daytime and we knew that Streets of America would most likely not be there next year. We snapped some photos and enjoyed the soon-to-be defunct area.

My sister and I ended the day by going on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster twice. I had managed to snag a 3:30 reservation under my parents’ Magic Band, so we went on around 3:15, then switched bands and went on again.

This was supposed to be our last day at Hollywood Studios. It was then that we realized we had never gone on The Great Movie Ride. It’s my mom’s favorite ride and you can tell she was a little upset. We never book a FP+ for The Great Movie Ride because we never need it. However, with all the closures at Hollywood Studios and the Star Wars movie attracting so many guests, it never had under a 40-minute wait. I managed to book a FP+ for that Friday (January 1st) at 8pm. We agreed to head over after dinner for the ride and finish our trip with the new fireworks show.

After showering and relaxing a bit, we went to dinner at ‘Ohana. We arrived a little early, so we hung out in the lounge and watched some football. I was in the Fantasy Football championship and had a few players in the game. Let’s just say I was a little on edge most of the evening, but I wound up winning.

So – after winning some… “bragging rights”… I treated my family to drinks at Trader Sam’s. We were supposed to go to Magic Kingdom that night, but we opted to stay at Trader Sam’s and hang out. We sat outside, so we didn’t enjoy all the antics, but it wound up being one of my favorite nights of the trip. We really enjoyed each other’s company and shared some good laughs.

The trip was starting to wind down and we were beginning to feel the pressure to see and do everything. The Great Movie Ride would wind up being the first in a few “sacrifices” we’d have to make this trip. We were quickly learning that you can’t have a “relaxing” and “unorthodox” trip and still see and do everything you want.


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