Disney Trip Report: December 29th

It was an earlier morning, as we had a 9:05am breakfast reservation at Kona. We actually tried a lot of new stuff this trip. We dined at Artist Point, tried Beaches and Cream and now we’d finally eat breakfast at Kona! We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 8:50am. Again, we were running a bit late and I was stressing out. We were on a boat toward the Polynesian by 9:00am and arrived around 9:15am. I apologized to the hostess for being late and explained the buses weren’t cooperating. She shrugged and with a chuckle said “no problem!”

I’ll post a review this Friday. We really enjoyed our breakfast and will for sure be back! It was a beautiful day, once again. It was hot, but by now we were getting pretty used to the warmer temperatures. We decided to spend the morning after breakfast touring the resort. I brought my camera along and snagged some pretty awesome photos of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the surrounding property.

After breakfast and enjoying the property, we went back to the hotel for the afternoon. My sister and I were starting to worry about the amount of attractions we’ve checked off the list. I managed to grab a few park maps from the lobby and decided to make a plan.

Now – I know I’m kind of contradicting myself here. No, you don’t have to see or do everything on your trip, nor is it really possible during Christmastime. But, we do have our set of must-dos and while we had already done a lot over the course of the trip, we still hadn’t been on the classic rides at Magic Kingdom (Haunted Mansion, Small World, Pooh, etc.) We usually save them for the late-night EMH, which wouldn’t take place until December 30th. We were starting to worry that we may not actually get all the rides in, as December 30th is usually pretty packed at Magic Kingdom.

After about an hour by the pool, we went back to the room to shower and get ready for the night. We’d be heading to EPCOT for dinner at the Biergarten (another new restaurant for us) and an evening Around the World.

We arrived at EPCOT around 3pm. We redeemed our 2:30pm-3:30pm FastPass+ for the character meet-and-greet. It was getting pretty close to our dinnertime, but we couldn’t pass up the flavored popcorn. We all shared some buffalo and bleu cheese popcorn, found near the Chip and Dale meet. It’s insanely good.

After chowing down on some popcorn, we redeemed our FP+ for Spaceship Earth, then grabbed some photos near the EPCOT-themed Christmas tree. Around 4:30pm, we started to walk toward the World Showcase. We killed some time by going on the Gran Fiesta Tour. Of course it got stuck, which caused me to panic about missing our ADR. We eventually started moving and made it to our ADR in time. 

We were all pretty stuffed after Biergarten. We had a FP+ for TestTrack at 8:05pm – poorly planned after eating so much. We walked the World Showcase, stopping to watch a little bit of the choir performance at the American Pavilion. We decided to head to Mouse Gear. It’s one of our favorite shops and we still hadn’t shopped there. After browsing the store, we walked toward Test Track. We actually had a rat run right by our feet after exiting the store, forcing us to jump back. I’m convinced it was Mickey’s evil cousin.

After Test Track we found a spot for Illuminations. My mom’s knee was bothering her, so we tried to find a place to sit, but came up empty. After securing a spot near Mexico, I ran back to France to grab a gelato, while my sister grabbed a cronut. Hey – when in Disney. I felt bad for my mom, who was forced to stand, so I decided to scour out a bench. I found one, but was nearly toppled over as another family pushed for it. Disney shows will bring out the worst in people. Staying in the Disney spirit, I shrugged it off and kept walking. I finally found a spot near the African Outpost. There’s an area tucked away along the lagoon, right before the bridge. You’d miss it if you didn’t know about it. It was empty, so I grabbed a seat and called the rest of my family. Part of the globe was blocked by the island, but it’s a great secluded area where you can see most of the fireworks.

I set up my camera along the railing to try and snag some photos of Illuminations. I was starting to get the hang of it and got some pretty awesome photos!

After a pretty long day at EPCOT, we called it a night and went home. Tomororow would be our last day at Magic Kingdom. Where did the time go?!

SpaceshipEartNightSpaceshipEarthFountain2SpaceshipEarthFountainSpaceship Earth & TreeSpaceship EartFountain3Illuminations2Illuminations


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