Foodie Friday: Breakfast at Kona

After reading countless blogs about Kona’s breakfast and Tonga Toast, we decided to make a reservation. We secured an ADR for the Tuesday after Christmas. We decided to pay out of pocket, as many meals are around $12-$15, making it a poor value on the Disney Dining Plan. Plus, my dad is a Disney Visa cardholder and was able to get a $500 gift card for our trip, which we used for any OOP meals.

We arrived at the Polynesian a little later. The second half of our trip was very stressful, with many of the buses coming late. It caused us to miss a few FP+’s and made us late for a few ADRs.

We were seated around 10 minutes after arriving. Kona is a decent-sized, open restaurant that looks out to the lobby area of the Polynesian. The tables are pretty close together, but it doesn’t feel like guests are on top of one another.

Fortunately, everyone in my family loves coffee, so we ordered two French Presses. I wanted to try the Tonga Toast, but was craving eggs. I decided to go with the Big Kahuna, while my sister went with the Tonga Toast. I split half the Big Kahuna with my sister, who gave me half her Tonga Toast in return. Shortly after ordering, the table next to us received their orders. One guest went with the Samoan: poached eggs over pulled pork. It looked and smelled amazing. I immediately second guessed my decision, but was pleased when my plate finally showed up.

The Big Kahuna is aptly named. It’s a large platter, which includes eggs, french toast, silver dollar pancakes topped with pineapple and the macadamia nut butter, home fried potatoes, ham, bacon and sausage. It can easily be split between two people, but I rarely share my breakfast!

I evenly distributed my breakfast between my sister and me, then dug in. I had my eggs scrambled, as it made it easier to split. I wish I went with over easy. I prefer my eggs over easy and the scrambled eggs were definitely mass-prepared. They had that “powdered egg” college cafeteria taste to it. The potatoes were your normal quick service breakfast potatoes.

The french toast was good. It was your run-of-the-mill french toast. It wasn’t too eggy or dense, it was around the same consistency of toast with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar seasoning.

I was really excited to try the pineapple macadamia nut pancakes, or should I say silver dollars. With it being a “sampling” of dishes from Kona, the pancakes were silver-dollar sized rather than full-size pancakes. It was a blessing in disguise, as I was pretty full after the meal.

The pancakes were decent – nothing special. They were pretty much silver-dollar pancakes topped with pineapple and the macadamia nut butter. The pancakes themselves were a little dry and not as dense as normal pancakes.  My mom went with the full-size pancake order and really enjoyed it. If you’re deciding between the pancakes or Big Kahuna and really want the pancakes, get the pancakes. I did, however, use my sister’s Tonga Toast strawberry compote on the pancakes and it was an awesome combination!

Now, for the main event: the Tonga Toast. As previously mentioned, my sister and I agreed to split the dishes. She said after the meal that the Tonga Toast was too sweet and that she was happy to share it. She thought that the toast would have been too sweet and she wouldn’t have been able to finish it. I have a gigantic sweet tooth, so it didn’t really bother me.

Let’s start with the texture. The outside has a crunch and a churro-like texture. It’s rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar. This thing has some weight to it. It certainly cut easily and remained intact, but the plate transfer didn’t come easily. The Tonga Toast had to be at least 4 inches tall!

I was surprised by how little banana it had in the middle. The bread-to-filling ratio had me wondering whether you’d be able to taste the banana filling. I went ahead and cut my first piece. It was a towering slice that I struggled to consume whole. First impressions – it tasted like the Pooh’s puffed french toast from Crystal Palace. It definitely had a bit of a fried texture on the outside. The sourdough bread was perfect and cut the sweetness a bit. Then I got the banana. The banana taste was strong, sweet and reminded me a bit of bananas foster. There’s a reason there’s not too much filling. I tried it with the strawberry compote and enjoyed it, but actually preferred maple syrup. What can I say, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast food.

Overall, it was a really nice breakfast that lived up to its expectations. The real draw here is the Polynesian-influenced dishes that you can’t really find anywhere else, like the Tonga Toast, the Macadamia Nut Pancakes and The Samoan. While I certainly enjoyed The Big Kahuna, I can get good bacon and eggs anywhere on Disney property.

We plan on returning again next year. I’ll definitely go with The Samoan the next time around. While I definitely recommend Kona for breakfast, do know that you can find the Tonga Toast for a lower price at Captain Cook’s, the Polynesian’s Quick Service option.

Kona is available on the Disney Dining Plan, however, it’s a poor use of a Table Service credit.


The Big Kahuna – aptly named.



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