Disney Springs to Expand Dining & Shopping

Disney – If you’ve been reading our updates on the growth of Disney Springs, then you know about the many new dining, shopping and entertainment experiences in this corner of the Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we’re thrilled to let you know that 30 more high-profile tenants will be setting up shop at Disney Springs just in time for this summer, including Anthropologie, LACOSTE, Under Armour, kate spade new york, Sephora and Lucky Brand, among others.

This is awesome news. Our first taste (no pun intended) of Disney Springs was a bit on the negative side. We waited all trip before visiting and finally decided to head over there the day of New Year’s Eve and later on New Year’s Day. It was crowded, hectic and chaotic. The construction didn’t help the flow of traffic, as many times the pop-up walls left you feeling cramped and claustrophobic.

Obviously Disney’s strategy is to attract locals and create a destination for a night out. It’s working. Disney Springs was bustling with people the Friday we went and every restaurant was packed.

There’s no doubting that Disney Springs is certainly impressive and a nice addition to Disney World. These openings will especially come in handy when the weather takes a turn for the unexpected. As I’ve mentioned throughout my trip report, it was much hotter than we expected this past trip. We’ve also been to Disney when it’s been much colder than expected. I love Disney, but I rarely rock any Disney gear. So when the heat didn’t break during our trip, I was stuck wearing t-shirts and making trips to the laundry room at our resort. Having stores that I actually shop at within Disney Springs is perfect for “emergency” weather situations. Rather than sweating in a long-sleeve button-down shirt after dinner at Artist Point, I can head to Disney Springs and grab a polo from Lacoste if need be.

The additions also add something else to do if they parks are packed. I know, you can go shopping anywhere. But if you’re really tired of the crowds (and it’s not the weekend,) Disney Springs could be a nice break.


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