Disney Trip Report: January 1st

Ugh. That’s exactly how I felt when I woke up on January 1st. I immediately thought of the beginning of the week, when I optimistically declared “we have a full work week left!” We were slow to get up. We originally planned on getting up later to account for our big night out. The past few years, we left Disney on January 1st. Getting up and ready was always much more difficult the day after New Year’s Eve, so we extended our stay to January 2nd. The extra day was used to relax and get everything together.

By the time we got up around 9am, we were well rested. Rather than rush to breakfast, we decided to do “brunch” at Boardwalk Bakery. We hopped on the bus to Hollywood Studios around 11am and then took the boat to the Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Bakery is another family favorite and a must-do during our trip. We saved it for the last day, as we knew it’d be a morale booster. The sun was shining and it was beautiful outside, which made eating outdoors all the better. After we finished eating, we sat and soaked up the sun a bit. We made sure to grab a few muffins and breakfast pastries for tomorrow morning. I still had two snacks from EPCOT left on my list: the Tipsy Duck in Love and the caramel cookie from Germany. We decided to take the boat over to EPCOT and walk through one last time, before taking the bus back to our resort.

The park was empty. It’s amazing to think how crowded it was a mere 12-14 hours ago. I’m pretty sure you could have driven a car through the World Showcase and not hit anyone. I stopped by Germany to grab the cookie and was so enticed by the other caramel confections, but I stayed strong and stuck to the plan. After grabbing a cookie, I was off to China for my favorite Americanized (in every sense of the word) drink. The Tipsy Duck in Love is a coffee and black tea based iced drink, mixed with chocolate, China’s finest bourbon (Jim Beam) and topped with a fresh Chinese whipped cream (Reddi-Whip). In fact, the only think remotely Chinese about the drink might be the tea, but I love it and I wouldn’t go a trip without one! I could probably make one myself – and may even try it soon. It tastes just like a Black Russian. I know, I’m throwing a lot of culture at you right now!

We made it back to the hotel around 2 or 3pm. I quickly packed any remaining items and went down to the pool. I relaxed and enjoyed the sun. I’m glad I did, as we haven’t seen temperatures above 55 yet – and it’s set to plummet into the 30s again tonight!

We all washed up before heading to Disney Springs. We had a 6pm reservation for Raglan Road and we arrived at the boat dock around 4:45pm. We waited until 5:15pm before calling it quits and waiting for a bus. We were aggravated, as so many Riverside boats passed by, with no French Quarters boat in sight. We almost missed our ADR, making it just in time.

After Raglan Road, we waited for a boat back to French Quarters. We should have learned from our previous experience, as we waited nearly 40 minutes for a boat (as about 3 half-empty boats came and went for Riverside.) We missed our FP+ for The Great Movie Ride. I felt bad, as my mom really had her heart set on it. And, when we finally arrived at Hollywood Studios, they had already closed off that section of the park for the fireworks. We went to the Darth Vader and Chewbacca meet-and-greet (which is really awesome, even for non-Star Wars fans) and then watched the Star Wars fireworks. The fireworks were really impressive and a great finale to our trip.

After finishing at Hollywood Studios, we went back to the hotel and I ate my feelings. I was “feeling” a pecan caramel cookie from EPCOT’s Germany pavilion. Time for bed. Tomorrow would be a tough morning.

Some photos of the awesome fireworks:




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