Reader Question: What Future Attraction Are You Most Excited for?

I’m really excited to start doing reader emails again. I kind of hit a lull in reader emails for a while and stopped checking them when I got busy. I’m glad I finally opened up the mailbox, though, as this one really intrigued me. Here it is:


I hope you had a great trip! Obviously Disney is going through a bit of a hiatus right now, but I do think we’re in store for some exciting new attractions. With Disney Springs nearing completion, Hollywood Studios starting construction, Animal Kingdom’s nighttime attractions and Avatarland, and the new Soarin’ and Frozen ride in EPCOT – what are you most excited for? Personally, I can’t wait for Animal Kingdom’s River of Lights. 


Janet, NC

Hey Janet!

The future certainly is bright for Walt Disney World! I’m going to take the easy way out and say that I’m excited for everything, but for different reasons! I can’t do that? Well, alright, I’ll play along!

I’m probably least excited for EPCOT. I love going to EPCOT to eat and drink around the world. I love the atmosphere and Illuminations is probably my favorite show at Disney World, yet, the rides don’t excite me. Sure, I love Test Track and Spaceship Earth, but Soarin’ wouldn’t even crack my top 10 for favorite rides. I’m indifferent toward the Frozen ride – not because I’m against the “Frozen takeover of Disney” but because, again, it doesn’t excite me. I really enjoyed Maelstrom and hated seeing it go, but I don’t care whether it returns with a Frozen theme or not. Just give me my beer, pretzel, Tipsy Duck in Love and a pastry or two and I’ll be happy!

I’m excited for Disney Springs. We got our first taste (no pun intended) during Christmas. While there’s still a ton of construction going on, it’s already pretty impressive. I’m happy that they’re adding so many stores, as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t wear a ton of Disney gear. So, when I need a t-shirt or heavier sweatshirt because I failed to pack for unexpected weather, it’s nice to know that I can run to Under Armour or Lacoste. But at the end of the day, it’s just another outdoor mall and if I want to dine at STK, I can go here in New York. I’m excited at the convenience, though.

Animal Kingdom is sort of the forgotten park at Disney. Don’t get me wrong, the theming is top notch. I personally love Animal Kingdom, but my family could do without it. I tried this past trip to get them enthused. I showed them around the new areas, like Harambe Market and spaced apart the FP+ rides, in an attempt to get them to stay. It didn’t work. The above average temperatures and “Animal Kingdom heat” didn’t help, either. But my dad hasn’t stopped talking about Avatarland since it was announced and I’m really intrigued at the idea of roaming the park after dusk (especially the safari.) Plus, Rivers of Light looks awesome. I’d put this at number 2.

It sounds so easy, but I’m most excited about Hollywood Studios. Sure, as a Christmas vacationer, I have to pay the price of no longer enjoying the Osborne Lights; but, Hollywood Studios is my favorite park. I’m a huge thrill ride fan and love Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. I can’t wait to see the park get the appreciation and theming it deserves. It’s been a park in flux for so long and it’s finally getting some life. While I’ll admit I’m not a huge Star Wars fan (although, I met Chewy and Darth Vader last trip and it’s AWESOME,) I do love Toy Story. In fact, Toy Story is my favorite Disney movie and series. I grew up loving Buzz. I can’t wait to roam Toy Story Land and I’m very intrigued by the theming and design of Star Wars Land. If you thought the crowds at Magic Kingdom  were bad after New Fantasyland opened though, just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet!

Overall, a strong question to get me back into the swing of things! Be sure to send in some questions as my mailbox is pretty much empty!


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