Foodie Friday: Disney Releases Plans for New Toy Story Restaurant

Disney has released artist renderings for a new restaurant set to open in Hollywood Studios. Imagineers are calling the restaurant an “upscale twist” on Pizza Planet, the fictional arcade restaurant from the beloved Toy Story movies. The restaurant will be located in Toy Story Land and is currently slated to open sometime in 2018. 

The restaurant will be an “adult arcade,” says Disney. The first of its kind, the restaurant will invite guests to “play for their food.” Diners can choose to customize their pizzas with luxury toppings, such as filet mignon, caviar, lobster and truffles. The catch? You’ll need to win them, first. Claw machines will be set at special pizza-making stations. Guests will have the opportunity to select from the machines based on their taste and preferences. If at first you don’t succeed, try again – diners are allowed to play until they win! 

Pizza From the Planet, the working name for the the new restaurant, will be the first three-credit restaurant at Walt Disney World. Disney is still working out the details and legalities of food claw machines, but will be releasing more information as it becomes available. 

Interesting news out of Disney this morning. It’s always fun to hear about new restaurants. When I first heard about “Pizza from the Planet” and the concept, I pictured a Dave and Busters. I was sorely mistaken. Here’s some of the concept art:


Claw 26-Watercolor-Interior-Renderings-Restaurant-Rendering-Genesis-Studios










Is this something you’d be interested in? If so, sorry – APRIL FOOLS!


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