World News: May 10th – More Food Options at Disney Springs

Orlando Sentinel – Disney Springs’ newest steakhouse eatery STK is taking reservations for May 25 and beyond.

This is very exciting. I can vouch for STK. I ate at their swanky New York City location a few years ago when I worked in media and I enjoyed free meals from vendors. STK has a few locations along the east coast, including Atlanta, New York, Boston and Washington DC. It serves your typical steakhouse fare with a modern, New American style of plating.

I’m not sure if the theming at Disney Springs will be different, but the New York City location certainly has a posh appeal. It’d be a great reservation for New Year’s Eve, should you choose to spend it outside the parks.

It’ll be expensive and I doubt that it’s on the dining plan. If it is on the dining plan, it’ll be a 2-credit, similar to Boathouse. While I’m excited about STK being in Disney, we’ll be skipping it. We can easily plan a nice night out in New York City. While we’re in Disney, we prefer to dine at restaurants that are unique to Disney (outside of Wolfgang Puck Express and a coffee from Starbucks.) We’d much rather eat at Narcoossee’s or try Yachtsman Steakhouse than dine at STK. But I definitely recommend trying STK if you don’t have one around you. It will be expensive and the sides will be extra, which I’m sure will stir some outrage among the Disney community; but it’s worth the price.

InsideTheMagic – A new ice cream parlor is set to join the other food offerings at Walt Disney World Resort’s Boardwalk Inn and Villas. The new creamery will be located on Crescent Lake—a short walk from Epcot and a relaxing boat ride from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests will be able to peek into the promenade-facing kitchen windows, where ice cream and mix-ins will be handcrafted the old-fashioned way.

Alright, now I’m really excited. Originally, I thought Ample Hills would be opening in Disney Springs. I figured I’d try it at some point when we made the trek over there; but now it’s reported that Ample Hills will be opening on the Boardwalk – a mere steps away from the Yacht & Beach Club (where we’ll be staying next year!)

I’m a total ice cream fanatic. I’ve never tried Ample Hills, but looked into it soon after Disney announced that it would be opening. It originated in Brooklyn, but it looks like a few new locations have been popping up throughout New York City. Maybe I’ll give it a try soon and post a review. I digress. I love this move for the Boardwalk. I’ve always said that the Boardwalk has so much wasted potential. Sure, it’s fun at night when everything is lit up and the games are going, but there’s no true draw. Now you can grab an ice cream cone and walk the Boardwalk on a crisp, warm night.

Ample Hills serves up some pretty crazy flavors, including Mexican Hot Chocolate, and “The Munchies” – a pretzel-infused ice cream with clusters of Ritz crackers, potato chips and mini M&Ms. They also feature a number of cones, including a pretzel cone and cookie cone. Their instagram will get any sweet tooth aching for more.

I promise – I’ll visit the NYC location and I’ll post some photos to Instagram, as well as a review on the site. Between Ample Hills and Beaches and Cream, I’ll probably gain around 10 pounds during my next trip.

WDWMagic – Along with a new name, the Levy Restaurant’s seafood restaurant will have a remodel throughout, with new decor, a rooftop lounge and an outdoor bar. The interior decor will take on the theme of modern yachting.

Paddefish is expected to reopen in the fall of 2016.

File this under “old news,” but I felt like I needed to cover it. Frankly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of Levy restaurants. Maybe because it reminds me of a terrible internship I once had, where Levy was the main food source. It just doesn’t do it for me. I understand Fulton’s had some fans, but I feel like it’s often forgotten. I do wish Disney went back to the classic Empress Lilly.

What People are Talking About & Rumor Roundup

– The word is out on the nighttime safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s quickly becoming the hardest FP+ to get.

– Everest may be closing earlier than other attractions each night at Animal Kingdom so that Disney may prep the area for Rivers of Light.


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