Foodie Friday: Disney Bucket List – Salty & Savory Snacks

We end our series of must-have food at Disney with salty and savory treats. While I’m a sweets junkie, I do like to enjoy some salty snacks from time to time. Here are some of the can’t miss options:

  1. Chip and Dale Company Mickey Pretzels: File this under “better in Disney.” These are some of my favorite pretzels ever. Everyone has the one snack they “stock up on” when they go to Disney—the snack you head to the gift shop on the last day of your trip and fill your basket with then pack into your luggage. As you go through your Disney withdrawal, you find yourself heading to the snack cabinet and taking handfuls to pass the time. For some, it’s rice krispie treats or some type of candy. For us it’s the Mickey pretzels. But they’re just pretzels! Yes—but they taste better. These adorable pretzels are shaped like Mickey  and have the perfect crunch and texture. The salt-to-pretzel ratio is on point and they have a bit of a buttery aftertaste. For some reason, I love having them with iced tea or a Diet Coke. The smaller bags are available as a snack on the dining plan, but I’d recommend paying out of pocket.
  2. Nachos, La Cantina de San Angel: These are a must-do for my family. My sister loves nachos, so we always stop by on our tour around the world. The nachos are available on the dining plan and while it’s only a slight step above your normal “fast food nachos,” they’re delicious. Pay the extra couple of dollars for guacamole. At $10.95, the nachos are a nice snack for my family of four.
  3. Corn Dog Nuggets, Casey’s Corner: We stumbled on these by mistake. My mom wanted a drink and decided to go into Casey’s for a quick fountain beverage. That’s when I spotted them on the menu. It was early, but I promised myself we’d return and get them. A few days later we found ourselves waiting for the parade to come and were getting pretty hungry. We had a later dinner reservation, but didn’t wanna fill up on a quick service. I saw my opportunity. I ran down to Casey’s and purchased two cups of corn dog nuggets. They’re about the size of cocktail franks and they’re coated with a delicious cornbread coating. The sweet and saltiness of these little nuggets have become a favorite among my family. They’re perfect plain or with cheese!
  4. Fish & Chips, UK Pavilion: When I feel like getting in touch with my English heritage, I head to the UK Pavilion for some fish and chips and a tall pint of dark beer. The Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a small window next to Rose & Crown in the UK Pavilion of the World Showcase. They’re serving up some delicious fish and chips and of course, some malt vinegar! The fish is very fresh and isn’t too greasy or heavy. The chips are a blend of potato chips and french fries. It’s a great snack and definitely sharable.
  5. Chicken Fried Rice, Yak & Yeti Quick Service: Not only is the chicken fried rice tasty, it’s a terrific value on the Disney Dining Plan. Available as a snack, this filling dish is packed with the chicken fried rice you’ve grown to love from your local Chinese restaurant. While the texture isn’t perfect—it’s a little gummy, actually—the taste is there and it’s portable, making it easy to tote around the park and eat. It’s fairly inexpensive, but the real value is the amount you get for your money (or snack credit)!

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Honorable mention: DisneyFoodBlog recently posted about house-made salt and vinegar chips from the Rose & Crown beer stand. I can’t comment on them, as I haven’t had them yet, but I plan on grabbing some my next trip!


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