World News: May 17th—Disney Springs, Ample Hills, Food & Wine

The Town Center is officially open! The newest neighborhood of Disney Springs is flexing some serious shopping and dining options! Disney has a full list of the shopping options, including ALEX AND ANI, Under Armour, Pandora and Sperry; and dining options like Sprinkles Cupcakes and the much-anticipated D-Luxe Burger.

Sprinkles looks great. The California-based cupcake bakery is considered the first of its kind. The first store opened in 2005 and has since expanded in cities across the United States. Now it’s right in the middle of one of Disney’s largest commerce expansions. Talk about growth! A cupcake ATM will also be available to guests. The magic machine allows guests to purchase fresh cupcakes, similar to a vending machine. InsideTheMagic and DisneyFoodBlog both cover the opening.

While I’m excited about Sprinkles, we do have one or two shops here in New York City. For me, when I go to Disney I’d much rather enjoy things that I can only find in Disney.While I’ll certainly give Sprinkes a try, I’d much rather enjoy a cupcake from Starring Rolls, the Boardwalk Bakery or Contempo Cafe.

I’m incredibly excited about D-Luxe Burgers. Our friends at DisUnplugged posted a video review that looks seriously impressive. While I’m a total sweets junkie, I love burgers. A good burger is hard to come by in Disney World. I’m a big fan of Cooke’s of Dublin, but I’m excited to see a new spot pop up. It has a very Shake Shack appeal to it. It looks like everything is a la carte, meaning you’ll have to buy your burgers and fries separately. It has a very fresh feel to it and the different burgers have me excited. I really hope they do a seasonal burger, much like Shake Shack does. This is definitely on my list next Christmas!

Aside from the food spots, I’m excited about the new stores. Sure, I can go shopping anywhere, but it’s nice to know that there are so many options at Disney now. I love Disney, but I very rarely wear any Disney swag. As a result, I never buy Disney t-shirts or jackets. Last year it was very hot—much hotter than we anticipated. Back in 2009 and 2010, it was much, much colder than we expected. It’s nice to know that we can run to Disney Springs and buy an extra hoodie or shorts or t-shirts from Under Armour if the weather takes an unexpected turn. That’s a huge benefit and will allow me to pack a little lighter!

Now, what I’m most excited about: Ample Hills Creamery opening on the Boardwalk. Okay, I know I said that I like sticking to things I can only get at Disney, but this place looks unreal! Ample Hills started in New York, with the original spot deep in Brooklyn and I believe they just opened up a shop in New York City. I’ll probably check it out sometime this summer. Ample Hills is definitely a spot I can see myself going to every day during my trip. We’ll be staying at the Beach Club this year, so I’m looking forward to walking the Boardwalk with one of those cones filled with two scoops of their artisan flavors. It’s certainly different than Beaches and Cream, which serves up more traditional ice cream sundaes; and I think it should alleviate the post-Illuminations and Fantasmic crowds at the longtime ice cream staple. DisneyFoodBlog posted a pretty unreal review—it looks so good!

Last, InsideTheMagic reports on the 21st Food & Wine Festival. The event will run 9 days longer this year, which is a pleasant surprise for the popular event. I went for the first time last year and loved it. I don’t think I’ll make it back this year, but I definitely recommend it for anyone who is able to go!




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