World News: June 1st—Soarin’, FastPass+, Animal Kingdom & More

FastPass+: In arguably the most important news for Disney guests, the 60-day FastPass+ window will now open at 7am EST, rather than 12am. As a night owl, this is quite the change. I’ve spent many nights up at 11:59pm, refreshing my browser as the clock struck midnight. This change impacts west coast guests the most, as their FP+ window will now open at 4am PST.

Soarin’: Soarin’ debuted the new theater this past weekend, along with the new IMAX laser projectors. Disney still hasn’t revealed the new film and has instead used a refurbished version of the original. I’ve heard from multiple blogs and podcasts that the film is much more clear and realistic and that the first ride had far more powerful scents than riders are accustomed to. The new theater didn’t help much with the wait time, which at one point was recorded at 300 minutes. Theater A is still closed, so it’s believed that this led to the increase in wait time.


InsideTheMagic  features a video of the new Jungle Book: Alive with Magic show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. From what I’ve heard (and have seen in the video) it’s a complete disappointment. I think Disney threw together a show to replace Rivers of Lights and was left with something that pales in comparison to the original plan. It’ll be interesting to see if Disney keeps this show around or works to bring Rivers of Light to fruition.

Also around Animal Kingdom, I’m hearing that the Kilimanjaro Safari in the evening is terrific. However, many guests are recommending that you ride it before it gets too dark. I’ve heard that if you ride it too late, it’s too dark to see the animals. One of my go-to podcasts spoke about the safari at night and cited the lions, which are much more active at night. It led to a bunch of great photos. I’m seriously looking forward to Animal Kingdom during our next trip.

EasyWDW offers a review of the new Nomad Lounge, which looks really cool. The decor and theming make it seem like a really cool spot to grab a bite to eat or a drink. Josh from easyWDW says that while the food is underwhelming, the drinks are great.




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