World News: Wednesday, June 15

I started today just as I begin every day: checking my daily rotation of blogs and news. I read up on the advertising industry, checked sports scores and ended by reading my daily Disney blogs, news sites and forums. I debated even blogging this week or releasing my mini guide on Monday. Frankly, the timing didn’t seem right with the attack in Orlando.

Today we were presented with another Orlando news story, this time closer to Walt Disney World. In fact, it was right in Walt Disney World.

According to multiple sources, a toddler and his father were standing in the Seven Seas Lagoon by the Grand Floridian last night around 9pm. The toddler was pulled into the water by an alligator is yet to be found. All Disney beaches, marinas and recreational water activities have been temporarily closed as the search continues for the young boy.

Given the current news, as well as everything going on in Orlando, I’ve decided to forgo my usual “World News” today. There’s some things that are bigger than Disney ticket prices or theme park events and hours. I’ll return to my normal blog on Friday and I promise to provide everything you need as we approach the 180-day window for Christmas week.

For now, though, I’ll say this: it’s easy to point fingers when a cataclysm like the Pulse shooting and a tragedy like a toddler losing its life occurs. And therein lies the problem. Hate often begets hate. All we can do as a Disney community, as Americans and as human beings is come together and support one another.


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