World News: Wednesday, June 29

How’d everyone do with ADRs? I’m happy to say that we got everything we wanted—at the times we wanted them!  Speaking of reservations:

Disney Parks Blog recently released information about the HalloWishes and the Holiday Wishes dessert party. The Holiday Wishes dessert party will take place select nights from November 7 to December 22. We’re still waiting to see if any type of dessert party will be offered during the Christmas week.

DisneyFoodBlog covers the preview for the 2016 Food & Wine Festival. A lot of the favorites from last year are returning, including the Farm Fresh and the Patagonia booth. A few new offerings include The Chocolate Studio and the Wine and Dine Studio.

This is a must-do for any Disney fan. My sister and I finally made our way to the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT last year and loved it. There are so many interesting offerings that you probably wouldn’t try anywhere else. It’s a really fun atmosphere and a great excuse for a quick 3-day trip!

Brazil Stand

The Brazilian Booth – Beautifully themed!

InsideTheMagic reports that refillable popcorn buckets are coming to Disney. The bucket will cost $10 and guests will be charged $1 for each refill. The popcorn bucket will be available June 26 to September 1 and will be good for same-day refills only.

This is a bit of a “miss” in my opinion. I love popcorn, especially at Disney. I know that the best spot to grab popcorn is right by the train station upon entering Magic Kingdom. I can also direct guests to the flavored popcorn cart in EPCOT by memory. But—how much popcorn can one person eat in one day? I’d love to see the refillable bucket work much like the refillable mug—allowing guests to refill it throughout their trip. That way, guests don’t feel compelled to eat a ton of popcorn in one day.

Speaking of “refills” WDWNT reports that Disney will start selling portable chargers. FuelRod kiosks will start popping up throughout Walt Disney World parks. The charger will cost $30 and will include:

  • A portable charging battery
  • 6″ USB Type A to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices)
  • One Apple 30-pin to USB cable
  • One Apple Lightning to USB cable

According to WDWNT, “the novel thing about the concept is that depleted batteries can be simply swapped out for fully charged ones at any of these kiosks. Depleted batteries can be swapped out for no added charge after purchase by guests, meaning they may never have to actually charge one themselves. Guests may also choose to charge the battery on their own with the included cable, of course.

That’s pretty awesome. I can’t tell you how many times my phone dies while at Disney World and I wind up missing out on photo opportunities or worse—losing contact with my family. I’ve seen a lot of guests bring their own charging device into the parks (my sister included) but this is definitely a step in the right direction and a great play for a very much in-demand product.


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