World News: Thursday, July 21st

DisneyFoodBlog gives a wonderful recap of everything going on in the ‘World of food. There’s a ton of new openings and updates. As I work on my ever-changing itinerary, I’m running out of time to try everything!

A few notes from the blog:

  • Homecoming looks incredible. It’ll be a Table Service on the Disney Dining Plan, but judging from the menu, it won’t break the bank. They’ll start accepting ADRs on August 15th, so mark your calendars. If you’re looking to try the new restaurant or late to the party with booking your ADRs, this is a solid opportunity to snag a reservation at a pretty solid spot.
  • The Plaza Restaurant has a new menu. I’ll be honest, the Plaza Restaurant is something I didn’t know existed until a year or so ago. I always thought “The Plaza” referred to the ice cream shop. When I started showing the menu to my family, they all wondered where the restaurant was located. I had to show them on the Magic Kingdom map! This is a slightly hidden treasure and the new menu is very enticing. They’re trying something new, as well: they will only accept reservations between 11am and 12pm, opening the rest of the day to those without ADRs. Another solid opportunity for those without ADRs for Christmas week!

InsideTheMagic offered a first look into AbracadaBar, located next to Flying Fish on the Boardwalk. I’m really excited about this new bar. For one, I love that Disney is finally using the Boardwalk to its full potential. They added an ice cream store and now a lounge to kick back with a drink. We’ve already incorporated it into our itinerary, planning to stop by for a drink after Christmas Eve dinner at Il Mulino!

WDW News Today reports a rumor that Guardians of the Galaxy attractions will be announced at San Diego’s Comic Con.

“If the rumors are true (or if Disney decides to go through with it), the MARVEL Studios panel may be used to announce a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay of the Tower of Terror attraction at Disney California Adventure and a Guardians of the Galaxy ride to replace the Universe of Energy at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.”

I’m buying into this rumor. This is the second or third time I’ve heard a rumor about Ellen’s Energy Adventure being replaced and Tower of Terror being re-themed. I’m on the fence about these rumors, honestly. Here’s the thing: I’m a vintage Disney fan. I know Twilight Zone doesn’t attract young fans, but the theming of Tower of Terror has always lent itself to the overall feel of Hollywood Studios. Now, only Disney knows the future of Hollywood Studios. It seems like Disney plans to “insert guests into their favorite movies.” If that’s the case, this ride overhaul could work. I’m not sure how Rock and Roller Coaster would fit into the overall theming, but I’m sure Disney would find a way to make it gel.

As for EPCOT, adding a Guardians of the Galaxy ride doesn’t make a ton of sense. I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I gather it has a lot to do with outer space. That could work, but I’d much rather Hollywood Studios be all about movies and have EPCOT remain true to the earth and countries. Frankly I’d love to see Future World continue to develop and become an extension of the World Showcase. Add some countries, like Australia and Spain. Have everything revolve around Spaceship Earth. Or, have Future World specialize in caring for Earth and the future of our existence. Maybe I’m going too deep now, but I think having an attraction at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios could be a mistake.

What do you think about the recent news and rumors?


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