World News: Wednesday, July 27th

Before I start, I wanted to send my congratulations to the crew over at DisUnplugged, which celebrated its 10 year anniversary this week. While I’m very much present within the DisBoards community, I only recently discovered the DisUnplugged Podcast. It’s a gem and something I look forward to each and every Tuesday. You all deserve nothing but the best.

AbracadaBar Opens

Alright, onto the news… Another week, another big opening. I started to see social media posts around the Disney blogosphere about AbracadarBar hosting a soft opening this past weekend. InsideTheMagic features a video and walkthrough of the new Boardwalk bar. My first impression is that it’s wonderfully decorated and themed. It has a ton of gorgeous details and fully immerses guests into the experience. But let’s get to the drinks:

Many of the cocktails are prepared in front of guests and feature changing colors and other fun, magical tactics. I can’t wait to grab a drink here after a long night at EPCOT or dinner at one of the EPCOT resorts. I’m really excited that Disney is using the Boardwalk to its full potential.

New Food Offerings

DisneyFoodBlog covers some of the new food offerings at existing Disney restaurants. Capt. Cooks underwent a menu refurbishment. It now features a pulled pork dish, Pan Asian Noodles, a seafood stew and a chicken dish, among other great offerings. I feel like it just recently underwent a change in menu. Regardless, the new options look very tasty and it’s worthy of a stop on the monorail.

DFB also reports on changes at Liberty Tree Tavern. Gone is the Carved Roast Beef and Sliced Pork Roast, replaced by Sliced Ham and Pot Roast. I haven’t been to Liberty Tree Tavern since they did away with the characters. It’s a cult favorite, but it just doesn’t interest us. It does make an awesome spot for a true “holiday dinner,” so it’s certainly worth checking out.

Tower of Terror

The big news coming out of San Diego’s Comic Con is the overhaul of DisneyLand’s Tower of Terror. It seems as though the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will feature a Guardians of the Galaxy makeover. Disney Parks Blog features all the details, along with a detailed video from a Disney Imagineer.

Honestly, I’m just happy it wasn’t the Hollywood Studios version. I’m an old school Disney fan and very much in favor of keeping Tower of Terror, whether the theme still resonates or not.

Rivers of Light

Many sources are claiming that Animal Kingdom plans on rolling out its Rivers of Light show in September. This would be a welcome addition, as it seems that the Jungle Book show has received less-than-stellar reviews.


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