World News Wednesday, August 10th

Disney Announces Major Deals

Big news regarding the holiday season. According to Disney Parks Blog, guests visiting between November 6-December 23, 2016 (excluding November 11-2, and 23-25) may receive 10%-20% off their resort room depending on which resort they choose. To receive this discount, guests must book between August 8-October 8, 2016.

First and foremost, these rooms are going lightning fast. If you have any plans of heading to Disney during the holiday season, I wouldn’t hesitate to book your vacation now.

Second, the deal ends right before Christmas. Bummer, I know, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, early December is the perfect time to visit Walt Disney World. Guests can enjoy the holiday decorations without the big crowds. Just think—you can use the money you save on that 10% discount on some Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets!

All in all, I think this is part of a bigger picture. We all know that Disney has been bleeding money since Shanghai. I think we’re due to see a lot more discount rates in the next two years. Now is going to be the time to visit Disney. Just a prediction…

Flying Fish Opens

With a new interior and updated menu, Flying Fish opened its doors last week. Disney Food Blog has the full review. Gone is the Potato Wrapped Snapper. That was a big disappointment, as I never got to try the beloved dish. The folks on DisUnplugged gave it a try and had nothing but rave reviews.

It appears that the plating at Flying Fish is extremely refined. Plates are very neat with pops of color. The pork belly appetizer looks outstanding and the Wagyu filet sounds tremendously appetizing. The desserts aren’t for me. Give me a big slab of cake or a heaping bowl of ice cream and I’m a happy man. Something about the crazy gelatin and decorated plates just doesn’t do it for me.

Overall, expect Flying Fish to be a very difficult reservation these next few months. It’s already booked solid for New Year’s Eve and Christmas, although I’d recommend that you keep trying. I think the menu may turn a few people away. That’s not to say it’s a bad menu—it looks fantastic—but many in the Disney community are disappointed that the snapper is gone and aren’t crazy about its new high level of sophisticated dishes.

Blaze Fast Fired Pizza Opens at Disney Springs

Another week, another new food spot. Blaze Fast Fired Pizza opened at Disney Springs last week. Everyone knows my feelings on pizza at Disney, but I have to admit, this place caught my eye. The custom pizzas sound like a fun idea and the array of ingredients should suit everyone’s taste. They even offer gluten free crust and vegan cheese!

Inside the Magic has a full review here.


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