World News: August 24th New MagicBands, Animal Kingdom Hours & More

Animal Kingdom to Shorten Evening Hours

Call it speculation at this point. No formal announcement has been made from Disney, however, the park hours show Animal Kingdom as closing at 9pm rather than 11pm in September.

Of course, park hours are always being added. In fact, there was one year that we were notified upon checking in that EPCOT had added Extra Magic Hours. I also can’t see Disney just doing away with the later hours so soon. However, stranger things have happened and Disney does seem to be cutting away the park hours.

My theory has to do with the daylight. During the summer, it doesn’t get dark until 8, sometimes 8:30pm. During the fall and winter, it usually gets dark around 6pm. Disney can cut down on costs and still supply guests with nighttime entertainment by closing at 8 or 9pm. That’s at least 2-3 hours of nighttime entertainment.

Regardless, I’m a little disappointed. Animal Kingdom after dark was something I was really looking forward to. I was excited to see the safari with at night and even more pumped to ride Expedition Everest in the dark. I’m still holding out hope that Disney adds more hours.

New Fitbit MagicBand?

According to, a new FitBit-style band may be coming to Disney World.

The  FCC records includes pictures of the prototype for the new MagicBand that features a puck-like disc that would fit into a changeable strap much like how the FitBit changeable straps work.

This new design would allow guests to keep the same puck and then just change to different type of straps when they would like to. One theory for changing to this kind of system is that the increasing amount of MagicBands that each guest connects to their MyMagic+ account is really slowing down the IT system and servers for Disney.

Very interesting news coming from Disney this week. I’m going to assume that this is true. In fact, it’s too smart not to be true. Having a simple interchangeable puck would allow for far more customization. Imagine a full Vera Bradley line of Disney wristbands or Coach leather bands. The possibilities are endless and could be a huge money grab for Disney. The only downfall would be that some people simply don’t go to Disney enough. This is a great idea for the Annual Passholder or even the once-a-year traveler, but will absolutely get lost or thrown away by someone who only visits once every few years. I gues that’s the least of Disney’s worries, though.

New Experiences Added to Disney’s Food and Wine

InsideTheMagic cites the new experiences added to Disney’s Food and Wine. I’m going to start posting a bit more about Food and Wine as it approaches. As someone who experienced their first Food and Wine last year, I highly recommend it. It should be at the top of ever Disney fan’s bucket list.

One thing that sticks out is the Mix it, Make it, Serve it demo, hosted by Iron Chef Morimoto.


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