Foodie Friday: Drinks at Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

Food and Wine is officially underway…and I’m seriously jealous! After getting a small sample of last year’s Food & Wine Festival, I vowed to go back. In fact, we were all but ready to go back during Columbus Day Weekend. We planned on renting points for DVC and flying down for a long weekend, but the lack of DVC’s available and the price of airfare quickly changed our minds.

Appropriately named, Food and Wine is a a foodie’s paradise. With tons of booths full of cultural food and drink, there’s something for everyone. Forget about the food for a second—Food and Wine is an opportunity to “drink around the world” in its most literal form.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite drinks from last year and what to look out for this year:

  1. The Orange Blossom Brewery Toasted Coconut Porter Float with Caramel Ice Cream at Desserts & Champagne Booth

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to see that this is gone this year. As an ice cream lover, we decided to give it a try last year. It was so delicious on a hot day. It was pretty much an ice cream float, made with a dark coconut porter from Orange Blossom Brewery poured over caramel ice cream, then topped with toasted coconut. I’ll admit, it was heavy, but it sure was delicious. The taste of coconut was prevalent and the beer added a nice malty flavor, while the caramel added a really creamy element.

It was a little too heavy for my sister, so I admittedly ate/drank one and a half of these babies. I’m really upset to see them go, but it looks like they’ve been replaced by ice cream floats, prepared with hard root beer and other soda-inspired alcoholic drinks. My only problem with it is this: you can get a hard ice cream float at Beaches and Cream. Why not keep the Orange Blossom float, something you can’t find at Disney any other time, during Food and Wine?

The alcoholic floats cost $6.00 and can be found at the Desserts and Champagne booth. Do know that while refreshing, they can be a bit heavy on a hot day. Save it for the evening if you want one.


Porter Float

2. Cider Flight at Farm Fresh Booth


We started our day at the Farm Fresh Booth with the loaded mac and cheese. We decided to start with the cider flight. I’m not much of a cider person, but it was around 90 degrees and I figured it’d be light and refreshing.

The cider, and most flights for that matter, are a pretty solid value. While most beers and drinks cost around $4 for ~12 ounces, the flights are right around $9 for four 4-6 ounce samples.

I believe the ciders included a pear, pumpkin, apple and raspberry flavor. They were certainly good, but filling. I think people hear “cider” and think of it being light and refreshing. It was certainly refreshing, but it filled us up the same way beer would. I’d recommend sharing a sampler. At $4.50 per person, it’s a solid value!

Farm Fresh - Meal

Peppered Mac & Cheese with the Cider Flight

3. Anything from the Craft Beer Booth

The Odyssey Center played host to the Craft Beer “booth” last year. The air conditioned building was a nice “break” from the heat, which often leads to long lines to get in. The booth has a large selection of craft beers from around Florida, including the choice to “create your own flight.”

We really enjoyed it. We actually ordered two different flights and split it. One had a few fruity beer offerings, like a pumpkin and blueberry vanilla ale; the other was a bit heavier with a bourbon and espresso stout.

At $10.25, it’s a solid value and opportunity to try a bunch of beers at one time.

Craft Beer Flight

The Second Sampler at the Craft Beers

4. Prosecco from Italy Booth

I’m not a big wine fan. That’s not to say I’d turn it down, but i would’t immediately seek it out. I’d rather enjoy a beer. My sister enjoys wine and with it being the Food and Wine Festival, she decided to order one from Italy.

She really enjoyed the prosecco and mentioned that it was a bit more refreshing than the hard ciders.

5. Standout beers

There are so many different beers throughout the festival, that it’s hard to narrow it down to a few. In Ireland, pair a Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale with the Seafood Fisherman’s Pie. The Black Beer at the Brazil booth pairs well with the cheesy bread and the layered meat pie. The Moosehead Lager in Canada goes well with the filet mignon and an ice-cold Kona goes perfect alongside the tuna poke and sliders at the Hawaii booth.

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or non) at Disney’s Food and Wine?

Ireland - Fisherman Pie

Fisherman’s Pie, Ireland

Hawaii - Pulled Pork

Tuna Poke, Pork Slider and a Kona Beer

Canada - Filet

The only time you’ll ever see filet mignon eaten on a garbage can!


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