Foodie Friday: Ice Cream Crawl

Happy Friday, everyone! By now, you know that ice cream is my favorite dessert. I can eat it by the pint—especially at Disney! With so many new and exciting places opening up, the options for ice cream have nearly doubled! With my trip rapidly approaching, I’ve gone ahead and created my very own “Ice Cream Crawl” around Walt Disney World.

We’ll be staying at Beach Club this year, so that’s where I’ll start my crawl—at the most popular ice cream spot on property: Beaches and Cream. Themed after the old-time ice cream shops you’d go to after a long day at the beach, Beaches and Cream packs as much charm as it does toppings into its sundaes!

Of course the most popular dish at Beaches and Cream is the Kitchen Sink. The Kitchen Sink includes heaping scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s then topped with every topping in the house: brownies, pound cake slices, oreos, chocolate and peanut butter chips, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, peanut butter sauce, pineapple, gummies and more! Oh yeah, and an entire can of whipped cream! Beaches and Cream has since introduced a… erm.. smaller version of the beloved Kitchen Sink. The Mickey Pants Kitchen Sink features a much more manageable three scoops of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. It’s topped with chocolate and peanut butter chips, as well as almost an entire can of whipped cream. I believe the Mickey Pants Sundae is also available for takeout.

I’d recommend getting the No Way Jose, though. This towering sundae could easily feed two (or three!) In fact, I had to tap out last year before finishing it! I never leave any ice cream unfinished! Unfortunately, our server made mine with all chocolate. It was far too much chocolate. This year I’m requesting all vanilla!


The No Way Jose in all its glory.

After heading to Beaches and Cream, we’ll go right across the way to the brand new Ample Hills Creamery. Originating in Brooklyn, New York, Ample Hills has grown its brand by creating creamy ice cream with twisted flavors like “Salted Crack Caramel,” “PB Wins the Cup” and “Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace.” Most stores have flavors unique to their locations. Disney’s location is no different. The Disney Ample Hills hosts “Sally Sells Seashells,” an orange marshmallow ice cream with housemade Salty Chocolate Seashells. What makes Ample Hills truly unique is the cones. Ample Hills makes homemade cones—but not just your run-of-the-mill waffle cones, oh no, they’re cranking out pretzel and cookie cones as well!

Seeing as I’ll be getting my fill of peanut butter at Beaches and Cream, I’ll be opting for the Baked/Unbaked in a cookie cone at Ample Hills. I can always go back and grab some PB Wins the Cup my next time around!

After touring the resorts, let’s head into EPCOT. It’d be easy to go grab a croissant donut or funnel cake a la mode, but I’m sticking with the decadent, homemade-style ice cream. I’m heading to L’Artisan des Glaces in the France Pavilion. The ice cream shop is constantly churning out (no pun intended) new flavors. They usually offer a seasonal flavor, as well as a few outside-the-box combinations like “Cinnamon with Caramelized Pecan,” “Cinnamon, Caramelized Apple & Crumble Crunch” and “Coconut White Chocolate.” Of course, they have the usual staples: vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate.

But what truly sets this spot apart is the Croque Glacé: one scoop of ice cream, with choice of a sauce, pressed between a warm brioche bun. Oh yes—it’s as good and ridiculous as it sounds. It sounds messy, but honestly, I’ve never had a problem with this hot-and-cold concoction.  The brioche is pressed inside a panini press, sealing in all the ice cream and your choice of syrup. The bun is hot and crusty on the outside, but fluffy and buttery on the inside. The ice cream holds its own. Any melting it does is soaked up by the bread. Personally, I’m a fan of the coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup. It tastes just like you’re eating a fresh croissant with your morning coffee!


A waffle cone of the Cinnamon with Candied Pecan Ice Cream at L’Artisan des Glaces.

After EPCOT let’s head to the Magic Kingdom. There’s a few different spots we can go to within Magic Kingdom, but we’ll stop at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour. The Plaza has a ton of delicious options, like the All-American Sundae, which is often compared to the No Way Jose. But I’m not going with the sundae, I’m going for the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich: your choice of ice cream sandwiched between two fresh chocolate chip cookies. This thing is massive and totally shareable! I’m a fan of the mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s Edy’s Ice Cream (sorry for ruining the magic) but the cookie is definitely made fresh!

Cookie Sandwich

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

This is best eaten with a spoon and knife. I like to break off the top cookie and eat it, then scoop away at the ice cream as it melts into the bottom cookie. What you’re left with is a soggy cookie, reminiscent of one just dipped in a big ice cold glass of milk.

At Hollywood Studios I’m going to 50’s Prime Time Cafe, home of my all-time favorite shake. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake blends together vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and grape jelly for a shake that tastes just like your favorite childhood sandwich. It’s incredibly thick, so much so that you need to let it melt a bit before gulping it down. If you don’t have a reservation at 50’s Prime Time, I recommend heading to the Tune-In Lounge where they make it to-go.


Animal Kingdom recently added the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck, which serves both a Soft-Serve Waffle Cone and a Float with your choice of beverage. However, I’m saving room for Disney Springs…

Disney Springs has added quite the collection of ice cream shops. No longer is Ghiradelli the go-to spot for ice cream.  Speaking of floats, the new Coca-Cola store serves up a float sampler, using everything from Root Beer to Coca-Cola to even Grape and Orange soda. One of the newest additions, Sprinkles Cupcakes, serves up both an ice cream sandwich, as well as a cupcake sundae. The cupcake sundae features an ice cream cut in half with a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched in between. The new D-Lux Burger has a large menu of ice cream shakes, including a S’more Shake and some alcoholic options.

But the most appealing option seems to be Vivoli il Gelato. I knew the name sounded familiar—there’s one in my job’s building! I’m changing things up and going for a gelato, as the spot is highly recommended up here in New York. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Brandied Cherry flavor!

So there’s my ice cream crawl! What spots would be on your ice cream crawl?



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