Walt Disney World to Debut New Holiday Light Show at Disney Springs Using Drones

News broke earlier this month that Disney had received permission to fly drones over Disney parks in both Florida and California. We all assumed the idea was a simple patent and that it wouldn’t be rolled out right away. We were wrong.

Disney just released a new video teasing a holiday drone show at Disney Springs. This will be the first time that Disney has utilized drones for any reason at Walt Disney World. If successful, we will most likely see more of it in the future.

I’m excited for two reasons:

1) This is the Disney we’ve all grown to love. The Disney that goes above and beyond and introduces new and exciting technology and shows. Disney has always been about innovation and has lost its way a bit in the past years. It finally appears that Disney is starting to revert back to its old ways.

2) I’m the most excited I’ve been in years about taking a trip to Disney. I’d be lying if I said that Disney wasn’t getting a bit “stale” for my family. Not only is there a ton of new attractions and things to do around Walt Disney World, but Disney has finally started adding new holiday attractions and shows. Sure, the Osborne Lights are gone, but Disney is doing a really good job of distracting guests from the loss.


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