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Hey everyone!

If you listen to the podcast or follow me on social media, you probably know by now that I’ve migrated over to While I love Christmas and writing about it, I wanted to create a more general site that provides tips and tricks for Disney fans year-round.

Don’t worry, I’ll still cover plenty of Christmas tips and tricks!

Head over and check it out:!


SurviveDIS Podcast Episode 16—Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam, Reviews & More“>LISTEN NOW

I’m joined by a special guest for a full recap of my family’s 2016 Walt Disney World Christmas vacation. We discuss everything from the Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam dessert party, our first stay at a Deluxe Resort and give a quick review on each restaurant we dined at.

2016 Trip Recap: Christmas Eve

I think I got to bed around 12 or 1am on December 23rd. My sister and I played the annual game of “luggage Tetris” as we packed her SUV, then I spent the rest of the evening watching Home Alone after triple checking that I had every single charger and electronic in my carry-on. Unlike past years, I forced myself to fall asleep early. Our flight would be an hour earlier than years past and I knew I needed the sleep after a busy week.

It felt like I was asleep maybe ten minutes before my alarm started blaring at 3:45am. On a normal day, this would be met with a grunt, but today was December 24th which meant we were going to Walt Disney World!

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2016 Trip Recap: Our First Stay at Beach Club—Was it Worth the Extra Money?

As Disney diehards, staying at a Deluxe Resort has always been on our bucket list. The Beach Club, in particular, has always been on our list of must-dos. Everything about the Beach Club interested us: the pool, its close proximity to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, as well as the fun theming. After my sister and I stayed at the Dolphin Resort for Food and Wine in 2015, we saw just how rewarding the resort’s location really was. After that, we were sold.

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2017 State of the Blog

I did this last year and figured I’d continue the tradition of filling you in on everything going on in my life as it pertains to the blog and now podcast.

If you listen to the SurviveDIS Podcast, you heard me hint at taking a step back from SurviveDis in my final episode of 2016. 2017 promises to be a good one. I see myself growing within both my career and my personal life. This is the year of the weddings. With the weddings come the bachelor parties; with the bachelor parties and weddings will come plenty of traveling and with traveling and weddings will come less and less free time. On top of this, I’m hopeful that this will be the year that I progress within my career. With career progression will come less time for side projects, such as the podcast and the blog.

After careful consideration, however, I’ve decided to keep the blog and podcast going. While I do think that in the (no so distant) future I may begin to podcast and blog less frequently, I would like to milk every last second while I can.

With that said, changes are coming. This all started from a passion project: a free ebook that filled readers in on every little detail about Christmas at Disney and prepared them with tips, tricks and strategies to ensure a seamless vacation. The book was met with more success than I could ever imagine, amassing over 1,500 downloads. This site,, started as a simple hosting site which I later converted to a blog. I’ve earned some dedicated readers over the years that I’m incredible thankful for.

While my knowledge of Disney during Christmas certainly gives me a unique point of view which is scarily covered in the Disney blogosphere, I’d like to broaden my horizons and build the SurviveDIS brand. My love for Christmas at Disney came from my love of Disney. Before my family traveled there for Christmas, we went during the summer. We’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more at Disney. We’ve witnessed some of our favorite rides shutter its doors and new and innovative attractions captivate the masses. We’ve stayed on-site and off-site and driven, flown and even taken the train down to Orlando. I grew up in Disney—the same way a child grows up going to the beach for the summer or camp. Disney was always my family’s vacation spot and it’s that knowledge, not just information gained over the past seven Christmas vacations, that has made me a diehard Disney fan.

In a week or so, I’ll be releasing, a website dedicated to planning your Walt Disney World vacation—not just during Christmas or not just using tips and tricks from the holiday week, but using every bit of knowledge I have from years worth of trips. Of course during Christmas the site will be jam-packed with information, but I really want to branch out a bit and grow the brand and provide information not just to brave Christmas vacationers, but to everyone wishing to visit. The site will cover everything from surviving your FP+ reservations, to planning a Disney trip on a budget, to even what you should bring to the parks.

So here’s the schedule we’re looking at:

  • The SurviveDis Podcast will be recorded on Sundays and released on Tuesdays. Mondays are far too quick of a turnaround.
  • Over the next week, I’ll cover everything from my Christmas vacation. Dining reviews will take place in the form of “Foodie Fridays.”
  • The new site should debut sometime next week. The site will be a fresh take on planning your Disney vacation.
  • SurvivedisXmas will still exist, but will not receive any new content (at least until Christmas.)