Disney Christmas Survival Guide

Click to Download the Book Now!

Click to Download the Book Now!


Why Read?

You’ve decided to visit Walt Disney World during Christmas! You already decided on the length of your vacation, your travel arrangements have been made, and you’ve secured your dining reservations. All that’s left is to sit back and wait, right?

Suddenly, you find yourself reading blog posts and internet forums that talk about how chaotic the Christmas season is at Walt Disney World. You feel a pit of uncertainty as you read about how crowded the parks are and how long the wait times are for your favorite attractions. You begin to sweat as you read about the unpredictability of the weather. Are you willing to wait two hours to ride the Tower of Terror? Do you really need to pack winter clothes for a vacation in Florida?

These questions alone have probably made you feel anxious. For that, I apologize. The truth is, however, that an immense amount of planning goes into booking a Walt Disney World vacation. Even more planning goes into a Disney vacation during Christmas – the most crowded time of the year. When talking with friends and family members, they often question why my family puts ourselves through so much stress. Why go on a trip that involves so much work? The answer is simple. All of the work and planning pays off once you arrive.

Remember that feeling you had after seeing all of your presents under the tree for the first time as a child? You will get that same feeling upon seeing Cinderella’s Castle, decorated with thousands of twinkling lights. Have you ever drove around your neighborhood searching for the house with the most decorations? Disney’s Hollywood Studios tops that! Over 5 million lights come to life each night at the Osborne Family Christmas Spectacular! Where else is it possible to see snowflakes fall from the sky in 60-degree weather? Only in Magic Kingdom, that’s where!

There are plenty of guides that can help you plan your Walt Disney World vacation. These books are a great tool and go into incredible detail about each of the parks and attractions. While I plan on sharing some fun and insightful facts with you, that is not the purpose of this book.

The purpose of this book is to help you prepare for your vacation and answer any outstanding questions you may have. I wanted to write this book with the voice of one person helping another, rather than simply stating the facts. Chances are, you have already been “sold” on a Disney vacation and have already decided to visit during Christmas. I want to give you the facts and insider information that will prove pivotal to enjoying your vacation.

At this point, your preliminary plans should be made. You have already decided between staying onsite or offsite. You have reserved your room, made your dining reservations and secured your travel arrangements. You must now begin to strategize your trip. While the crowds may be overwhelming and the weather unpredictable, with the right plan and strategy, you can ensure a seamless and stress-free vacation. It’s all here in the following pages, my Christmas gift to you – your all-inclusive guide to a stress-free Disney Christmas vacation!

Why Free?

I love Disney. As a copywriter, I also love writing. As my first book, I decided to make the “Disney Christmas Survival Guide” free. Disney during Christmas is so magical, but many are hesitant to visit due to blogs and forums that talk about the negatives – the wait times, the crowds, etc. With the right plan and mindset, you can experience everything that Disney has to offer. That’s the purpose of this book. I have enough experience in planning a WDW vacation and would like to share my knowledge – free of charge!


In today’s day and age, everyone has a tablet or smartphone! Offering the book in PDF format allows guests to easily download the book and read it anywhere – the doctors office, on your commute to work (unless you drive!), or even in the parks! It also cuts down on costs and allows me to offer the book for free!

How to Download the Book

– Click Download the Book Now!  You should be directed to the PDF on Dropbox.

– Click “Download” on the top right.



– Your PDF should download. You can then print the guide.

Optimal Printing Options

– After opening the PDF, you can choose to print it.

– In the Print Options, choose to “Fit” the pages (in red.)

– If you would like to print more than one page per piece of paper, choose “Multiple” (in green.)



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