Narcoossee’s Surf & Turf No Longer on Dining Plan

I found myself tossing and turning in bed last night. Since watching the Disneyland 60th Anniversary special on Sunday, I’ve had the itch to go back to Disney. I even tried to sell my family on doing an impromptu trip for Easter, but it didn’t work.

I’ve taken to watching YouTube videos, listening to Podcasts and reading forums – you know, more than I normally do. I was scouring DisBoards last night, as my stomach was rumbling – a constant reminder of my diet and Lenten promise of no sweets. I figured I’d torture myself some more by looking at photos of Disney food and reading about its restaurants. Suddenly, I came across a discussion entitled “Surf & Turf no longer on DDP.” I figured it was another thread asking whether it was offered on the dining plan, as those are pretty popular on the DisBoards. I was ready to reply with an oozing review of the surf and turf, when I decided to stop and read the growing thread.

It turns out that as of February 1st, 2016, the surf and turf (a strip steak or filet mignon with a lobster tail accompaniment – a $75 value) is no longer available on the dining plan. I sat up as I read the thread. I started searching for news but found nothing. I pinched myself. I fell asleep… I’m dreaming. Nope. Finally someone replied with a firsthand experience, confirming the sad truth.

The surf and turf option is not gone, but it is no longer available on the dining plan. Guests may now enjoy a filet or strip as part of the dining plan ($49) and then add the lobster tail on for $26 (out of pocket.)

Obviously the news comes as a disappointment. While Signature restaurants aren’t a “good value” of dining credits, the surf and turf has always been a hidden gem and a great way to maximize the value of your meal. It was one of the few expensive options offered. The surf and turf, along with a dessert would cost right around $90-$100. That’s actually a great value, considering most Signature meals cost right around $60-$75.

I still haven’t broken the news to my sister, who loves the surf and turf. As most of you know, we skipped Narcoossee’s in favor of Artist Point this year. It’s a decision I will always regret. That’s not to say that Artist Point wasn’t fantastic, but we’ll definitely miss our favorite dining plan meal!

The axing of the beloved meal from the dining plan is just another in the long list of cuts Disney has been making recently. I’m being far more dramatic than I should be about the “cut.” You can still get the surf and turf, you’d just have to pay out of pocket for the lobster tail. And, on a trip that’s already costing thousands, the $26 lobster tail is just a drop in the bucket.

There is a way around this, however.  My sister and I both love the surf and turf. Narcoossee’s does still feature a steak and the famous 2-pound lobster entree. If you plan on dining with a fellow surf and turf lover, have one guest order the lobster, while the other orders the steak. Split the two and – bam – you have a surf and turf that is on the dining plan! It may not be the “same” but you’ll probably get a similar portion size.




2 thoughts on “Narcoossee’s Surf & Turf No Longer on Dining Plan

  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always exciting to read articles from other authors and use something from their web sites.


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